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Applicationes Mathematicae

Tom 22

Warszawa-Wrocław 1995

Spis treści

M. KiraneGlobal pointwise a priori bounds and large time behaviour for a nonlinear system describing the spread of infectious disease1-9
E. Navarro
R. Company
L. Jódar
Bessel matrix differential equations: explicit solutions of initial and two-point boundary value problems11-23
Ł. StettnerErgodic control of partially observed Markov processes with equivalent transition probabilities25-38
S. TrybulaA mixed duel under arbitrary motion and uncertain existence of the shot39-44
L. MucheAn incomplete Voronoi tessellation45-53
W. NiemiroLeast empirical risk procedures in statistical inference55-67
S. RolewiczOn a globalization property69-73
A. PokrzywaPerturbation of the spectrum of an essentially selfadjoint operator75-89
W. PopińskiOn least squares estimation of Fourier coefficients and of the regression function91-102
A. RukhinEstimating normal density and normal distribution function: is Kolmogorov's estimator admissible?103-115
M. MęczarskiStability and conditional Γ-minimaxity in Bayesian inference117-122
L. Gajek
A. Lenic
An approximate necessary condition for the optimal bandwidth selector in kernel density estimation123-138
R. Zieliński
A. Boratyńska
Bayes robustness via the Kolmogorov metric139-143
A. Markiewicz
J. Hauke
On orderings induced by the Loewner partial ordering145-154
Z. KowalskiErgodic properties of skew products with fibre maps of Lasota­Yorke type155-163
Ł. Stettner
G. Dimasi
On adaptive control of a partially observed Markov chain165-180
L. ZarembaViscosity solutions of the Isaacs equation on an attainable set181-192
M. WiśniewskiExtreme order statistics in an equally correlated Gaussian array193-200
M. BogdanAsymptotic distributions of linear combinations of order statistics201-225
V. MonsanPoisson sampling for spectral estimation in periodically correlated processes227-266
I. KopocińskaTwo mutually rarefied renewal processes267-273
W. PopińskiOn fourier coefficient estimators consistent in the mean-square sense275-284
J. ChavarrigaIntegrable systems in the plane with center type linear part285-309
R. MagieraBayes sequential estimation procedures for exponential-type processes311-320
R. MagieraConjugate priors for exponential-type processes with random initial conditions321-330
W. Kühne
P. Neumann
D. Stoyan
H. Stoyan
Pairs of successes in Bernoulli trials and a new n-estimator for the binomial distribution331-337
A. AlharbiOn the convergence of the Bhattacharyya bounds in the multiparametric case339-349
G. SierksmaHamiltonicity and the 3-Opt procedure for the Traveling Salesman Problem351-358
S. LewanowiczA fast algorithm for the construction of recurrence relations for modified moments359-372
E. Busvelle
R. Kharab
A. Maciejewski
J. Strelcyn
Numerical integration of differential equations in the presence of first integrals: observer method373-418
D. Pallaschke
S. Bartels
Some remarks on the space of differences of sublinear functions419-426
M. Bertrand-Retali
L. Ait-Hennani
Uniform convergence of density estimators on spheres427-446
H. Wysocki
M. Zellma
Modulating element method in the identification of a generalized dynamical system447-467
P. GrzegorzewskiThe robustness against dependence of nonparametric tests for the two-sample location problem469-476
H. LavastreOn the stochastic regularity of sequence transformations operating in a Banach space477-484
T. RychlikA class of unbiased kernel estimates of a probability density function485-497
K. MoszyńskiOn solving linear algebraic equations with an ill-conditioned matrix499-513
W. NiemiroEstimation of nuisance parameters for inference based on least absolute deviations515-529

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