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Applicationes Mathematicae

Tom 24

Warszawa-Wrocław 1997

Spis treści

D. Bainov
Z. Kamont
E. Minchev
Initial-boundary value problems for impulsive parabolic functional differential equations1-15
O. Hernández-Lerma
D. Hernández-Hernández
M. Taksar
The linear programming approach to deterministic optimal control problems17-33
M. Taksar
A. Poznyak
Robust control of linear stochastic systems with fully observable state35-46
A. Nowak
T. Radzik
On convex combinations of two values47-56
S. BylkaAlgorithm for turnpike policies in the dynamic lot size model57-75
J. BartoszewiczTail orderings and the total time on test transform77-86
W. SzlenkMathematical model of mixing in rumen87-95
M. Křížek
L. Liu
On a comparison principle for a quasilinear elliptic boundary value problem of a nonmonotone type97-107
J. WesołowskiAre continuous mappings preserving normality necessarily linear?109-112
G. Isac
M. Kostreva
The Implicit Generalized Order Complementarity Problem and Leontief's input-output model113-125
V. GelfreichConjugation to a shift and the splitting of invariant manifolds127-140
M. FaragThe gradient projection method for solving an optimal control problem141-147
A. Janicki
A. Weron
Z. Michna
Approximation of stochastic differential equations driven by α-stable Lévy motion149-168
V. BorkarRecursive self-tuning control of finite markov chains169-188
M. Chrapek
W. Dziubdziela
J. Dudkiewicz
On the limit distributions of kth order statistics for semi-pareto processes189-193
T. BieleckiApproximations of dynamic Nash games with general state and action spaces and ergodic costs for the players195-202
S. NjamkepoGlobal existence for a one-dimensional model in gas dynamics203-221
N. N'zi
M. Eddahbi
A note on the functional law of the ´ iterated logarithm for Lévy's area process223-229
K. SzajowskiA two-disorder detection problem231-241
A. Gasull
R. Prohens
Effective computation of the first Lyapunov quantities for a planar differential equation243-250
J. DyszlewiczStress equations of motion of Ignaczak type for the second axisymmetric problem of micropolar elastodynamics251-265
K. ZiętakStrict spectral approximation of a matrix and some related problems267-280
A. Cima
A. Gasull
F. Manosas
Limit cycles for vector fields with homogeneous components281-287
I. BarradasImmunological barrier for infectious diseases289-297
G. SedogboSome convergence acceleration processes for a class of vector sequences299-306
D. Szynal
Z. Grudzień
Characterizations of uniform and exponential distributions via moments of the kth record values randomly indexed307-314
T. RychlikEvaluating improvements of records315-324
J. KotowiczOn the existence of a compactly supported Lp-solution for two-dimensional two-scale dilation equations325-334
E. Ferenstein
A. Sierociński
Optimal stopping of a risk process335-342
R. Rempała(s,S)-type policy for a production inventory problem with limited backlogging and with stockouts343-354
V. BorkarCorrection to "Recursive self-tuning control of finite Markov chains" (Applicationes Math. 24 (2) (1996), 169­188)355-355
M. Baba HarraStatistical estimation of higher-order spectral densities by means of general tapering357-381
U. Kamps
U. Gather
Characteristic properties of generalized order statistics from exponential distributions383-391
A. FdilSome results on convergence acceleration for the E-algorithm393-413
A. RukhinInformation-type divergence when the likelihood ratios are bounded415-423
W. DziubdzielaA note on the characterization of some minification processes425-428
J. BartoszewiczDispersive functions and stochastic orders429-444
S. Belmehdi
A. Ronveaux
S. Lewanowicz
Linearization of the product of orthogonal polynomials of a discrete variable445-455
R. Zieliński
M. Męczarski
Bayes optimal stopping of a homogeneous poisson process under linex loss function and variation in the prior457-463
V. Demyanov
D. Pallaschke
Point derivations for Lipschitz functions and Clarke's generalized derivative465-474
Ł. StettnerOption pricing in the CRR model with proportional transaction costs: a cone transformation approach475-514

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