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Studia Mathematica

Tom 18

Warszawa-Wrocław 1959

Spis treści

S. RolewiczSome remarks on the spaces N(L) and N(l)1-9
W. Orlicz
J. Musielak
On generalized variations (I)11-41
L. HsuA new type of polynomials approximationg a continuous or integrable function43-48
W. Orlicz
J. Musielak
On modular spaces49-65
S. HartmanBeitrag zur Theorie des Maßringes mit Faltung67-79
M. MehdiContinuity of semi-norms on topological vector spaces81-86
S. ŁojasiewiczSur le problème de la division87-136
M. BurnatÜber partielle Differentialgleichungen vom elliptischen Typus mit singulären Koeffizienten137-159
R. SikorskiDeterminant systems161-186
R. SikorskiOn Leżański endomorphisms187-189
J. MikusińskiOn the function whose Laplace-transform is e-sα191-198
W. Orlicz
A. Alexiewicz
Consistency theorems for Banach space analogues of Toeplitzian methods of summability199-210
Z. Semadeni
A. Pełczyński
Spaces of continuous functions (III)211-222
M. FiszA central limit theorem for stochastic processes with independent increments223-227
H. SchaeferOn the Fredholm alternative in locally convex linear spaces229-245
D. Przeworska-RolewiczSur les systèmes d'équations intégrales singulières pour des lignes fermées247-268
R. EdwardsHolomorphic vector-valued functions and Hartogs' theorems269-274
A. Alexiewicz
Z. Semadeni
The two-norm spaces and their conjugate spaces275-293
L. KubikThe limiting distributions of cumulative sums of independent two-valued random variables295-309

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