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Studia Mathematica

Tom 21

Warszawa-Wrocław 1961

Spis treści

S. MrówkaOn the form of pointwise continuous positive functionals and isomorphisms of function spaces1-14
S. Koshi
T. Shimogaki
On quasi-modular spaces15-35
L. HsuApproximation of non-bounded continuous functions by certain sequences of linear positive operators or polynomials37-43
S. BourneOn normed semialgebras45-54
K. LeeuwBanach spaces of Lipschitz functions55-66
P. SzeptyckiA remark on an imbedding theorem of Kondrashev type67-72
C. FoiaşApproximation des opérateurs de J. Mikusiński par des fonctions continues73-74
I. SingerWeak* bases in conjugate Banach spaces75-81
Z. ZieleźnyÜber die mehrfachen Integrale von Distributionen83-92
K. UrbanikFourier analysis in Marcinkiewicz spaces93-102
J. KahaneSur les coefficients de Fourier-Bohr103-106
W. Orlicz
W. Matuszewska
A note on the theory of s-normed spaces of φ-integrable functions107-115
K. UrbanikJoint probability distributions of obserbables in quantum mechanics117-133
S. RolewiczOn spaces of holomorphic functions135-160
A. Pełczyński
M. Kadec
Bases, lacunary sequences and complemented subspaces in the spaces Lp161-176
J. CoppingMercerian theorems and inverse transformations177-194
J. MusielakOn some spaces of functions and distributions (I)195-202
W. ŻelazkoOn the radicals of p-normed algebras203-206
S. BourneOn positive Banach *-semialgebras207-214
L. BergAsymptotische Auffassung der Operatorenrechnung215-229
J. KahaneSur les functions presque-périodiques généralisées dont le spectre est vide231-236
J. MusielakOn some spaces of functions and distributions (II)237-244
L. KubikA characterization of the class L of probability distributions245-252
J. MikusińskiCriteria of the existence and of the associativity of the product of ditributions253-259
K. UrbanikGeneralized stationary processes of Markovian character261-282
J. RadeckiOn modified Landau polynomials283-290
S. Rolewicz
W. Żelazko
B. Mitiagin
Entire functions in Bo-algebras291-306
J. GaniA stochastic dam process with non-homogeneous Poisson inputs307-315
W. MatuszewskaRegularly increasing functions in connection with the theory of L*φ-spaces317-344
W. ŻelazkoOn the analytic functions in p-normed algebras345-350
I. SingerBasic sequences and reflexivity of Banach spaces351-369
A. PełczyńskiA note on the paper of I. Singer "Basic sequences and reflexivity of Banach spaces"370-374
S. Hartman
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
Anerkennung der Priorität375-375
. Errata376-376

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