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Studia Mathematica

Tom 25

Warszawa-Wrocław 1964

Spis treści

R. PhelpsA problem of Hewitt on restrictions of multiplicative linear functionals1-3
A. Pełczyński
I. Singer
On non-equivalent bases and conditional bases in Banach spaces5-25
F. Birtel
J. Lindberg
A Liouville algebra of non-entire functions27-31
M. BurnatDie Spektraldarstellung einiger Differentialoperatoren mit periodischen Koeffizienten im Raume der fastperiodischen Funktionen33-64
J. Retherfordw*-bases and bw*-bases in Banach spaces65-71
G. WalterOn Fourier transforms of distributions with one-siede bounded carriers73-90
C. NeugebauerSmoothness and differentiability in Lp81-91
J. Mikusiński
W. Kierat
Sur un théorème de calcul opérationnel d'intervalle fini93-96
B. MuckenhouptThe norm of a discrete singular transform97-102
M. WeissTotal and partial differentiability in Lp103-109
J. HattemerBoundary behavior of temperatures I111-155
A. PełczyńskiSupplement to my paper "On simultaneous extension of continuous functions"157-161
D. Przeworska-RolewiczSur les équations avec opérations presque algébriques163-180
N. DinculeanuIntegral representation of vector measures and linear operations181-205
H. RaajskiOn the convergence of orthogonal series of polynomials207-215
M. CambernIsometries of certain Banach algebras217-225
П. АнтосикОб изоморфизме некоторых колец операторов227-230
W. RichterZu einigen Konvergenzeigenschaften von Folgen zufälliger Elemente231-243
D. Przeworska-Rolewicz
S. Rolewicz
On operators preserving a conjugate space245-249
G. FreudOn linear rocesses of approximation (II)251-263
W. MatuszewskaA remark on my paper "Regularly increasing runctions in connection with the theory of L*φ-spaces"265-269
J. SchäfferAnother characterization of Hilbert spaces271-276
V. KleeSummability in ł(p1,p2,...) spaces277-280
W. SłowikowskiOn the theory of (F)-sequences281-296
М. Кадец
А. Пелчиньски
Базисные последовательности, биортогональные системы и нормирующие множества в пространствах Банаха и Фреше297-323
R. Fleming
J. Retherford
R. McWilliams
On w*-sequential convergence, type P* bases, and reflexivity325-332
T. BoehmeOn sequences of continuous functions and convolution333-335
W. SzlenikSur les suites faiblement convergentes dans l'espace L337-341
M. ReichawOn the convergence of superpositions of a serquence of operators343-351
R. CrownoverConcerning function algebras353-365
R. WilliamsonA remark on a theorem of Banach367-367
C. KassimatisOn generalized derivatives369-371
G. Freud
S. Knapowski
On linear rocesses of approximation (III)373-384
V. KleeTwo examples in the theory of topological linear spaces385-390

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