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Studia Mathematica

Tom 26

Warszawa-Wrocław 1966

Spis treści

W. SłowikowskiOn the theory of inductive families1-10
W. Orlicz
W. Matuszewska
On some classes of functions with regard to their orders of growth11-24
C. ChangOn Bochner-Riesz summability almost everywhere of multiple Fourier series25-66
D. Przeworska-Rolewicz
S. Rolewicz
On quasi-Fredholm ideals67-71
L. GroveA generalized group algebra for compact groups73-90
W. JentschCharakterisierung der Quotienten in der zweidimensionalen diskreten Operatorenrechnung91-99
A. Zygmund
M. Weiss
An example in the theory of singular integrals101-111
I. SingerA remark on reflexivity and summability113-114
A. PełczyńskiA remark on the preceding paper of I. Singer115-116
B. SankowićSur la convergence d'une série d'opérateurs117-120
D. Przeworska-Rolewicz
S. Rolewicz
On integrals of functions with values in a complete linear metric spaces121-131
W. HolsztyńskiContinuous mappings induced by isometries of spaces of continuous functions133-136
Z. IvkovićSur une représentation de la prédiction d'un processus stationnaire régulier137-142
G. WalterPointwise convergence of distribution expansions143-154
L. LeindlerNicht verbesserbare Strukturbedingungen155-163
W. OrliczOn some classes of modular spaces165-192
W. SłowikowskiExtensions of sequentially continuous linear functionals in inductive sequences of (F)-spaces193-221
. Errata222-222
C. Sadosky
E. Faber
Pointwise convergence for parabolic singular integrals225-232
A. Pietsch(F)-Räume mit absoluter Basis233-238
C. Foiaş
W. Mlak
The extended spectrum of completely non-unitary contractions and the spectral mapping theorem239-245
П. АнтосикПорядок относительно меры и его применение к исследованию произведения обобщенных функций247-262
W. MlakOn semi-groups of contractions in Hilbert spaces263-272
R. FlemingWeak*-sequential closure and the characteristic of subspaces of conjugate Banach spaces273-299
A. CalderónSpaces between L¹ and L and the theorem of Marcinkiewicz301-304
Y. KatznelsonSur les ensembles de divergence des séries trigonométirques305-306
J. Kahane
Y. Katznelson
Sur les ensembles de divergence des séries trigonométirques307-313
J. MikusińskiGerms and their Operational Calculus315-325
C. SadoskyA note on parabolic fractional and singular integrals327-335

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