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Studia Mathematica

Tom 27

Warszawa-Wrocław 1966

Spis treści

L. LardyL¹(a,b) with order convolution1-8
E. Fabes
N. Rivière
Commutators of singular integrals9-17
E. Fabes
N. Rivière
Singular integrals with mixed homogeneity19-38
E. WagnerOn the convergence structure of Mikusiński operators39-48
M. WeissStrong differentials in Lr49-72
C. SadoskyOn some properties of a class of singular integrals73-86
A. HulanickiMeans and Folner condition on locally compact groups87-104
S. LachtermanExponentially convex functions on a cone in a Lie group105-139
J. MikusińskiAn approximation theorem and its applications in operational calculus141-145
K. MalanowskiOn the time optimal control in the case of non-uniqueness147-167
Д. ХаразовСимметризуемые операторы в банаховых пространствах и их приложения169-188
Y. MeyerLe spectre de Wiener189-201
L. KubikOn the class of infinitely divisible distributions and on its subclasses203-211
A. BirkholcOn generalized power methods of limitation213-245
J. KitchenConcerning the convergence of iterates to fixed points247-249
R. DudleyConvergence of Baire measures251-268
R. KaufmanInterpolation of additive functionals269-272
F. Grünbaum
E. Zarantonello
Cross-continuity vs. Continuity273-288
Z. CiesielskiProperties of the orthonormal Franklin system, II289-323
I. HalperinExtension of the rank function325-335

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