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Studia Mathematica

Tom 32

Warszawa-Wrocław 1969

Spis treści

A. BuraczewskiFormulae of Fredholm type for solutions of linear equations with genaralized Fredholm operator1-8
J. MikusińskiOn functions and distriubutions with a vanishing derivative9-16
S. RolewiczOn orbits of elements17-22
S. KwapieńAn analytic approach to semiclassical potential theory23-39
B. WellsUncomplemented function algebras41-46
Z. ZieleźnyHypoelliptic and entire elliptic convolution equations in subspaces of the space of distributions (II)47-59
D. WatermanReflexivity and summability, II61-63
R. WhitleyExtreme points in subalgebras of functions vanishing at infinity65-72
R. WheedenLebesgue and Lipschitz spaces and integrals of the Marcinkiewicz type73-93
N. CácOn symmetric Schauder bases in a Fréchet space95-98
A. WilanskyCorrigendat to the paper "From triangular matrices to separated inductive limits" (Studia Mathematica 31.5 (1968), p. 469-479)99-99
D. Przeworska-RolewiczOn equations with several involutions of different orders and its applications to partial differential-difference equations101-113
M. FisherTame singular integrals113-118
C. CalderónSome remarks on the multiple Weierstrass transform and Abel summability of multiple Fourier-Hermite series119-148
D. Przeworska-Rolewicz
S. Rolewicz
On the control of linear periodic time lag systems149-152
Г. АгаевО задаче Коши для нелинейных параболнческих операторных уравнений153-179
J. KomorowskiA modern version of the E. Noether's theorems in the calculus of variations, II181-190
J. Komorowski
J. Kijowski
A differentiable structure in the set of all bundle-sections over compact subsets191-207
. Errata208-208
J. ReinermannÜber Toeplitzsche Iterationsverfahren und einige ihrer Anwendungen in der konstruktiven Fixpunkttheorie209-227
G. OkikioluExtensions of locally bounded convolution operators in Lp-spaces229-245
A. PełczyńskiUniversal bases247-268
K. SundaresanAdditive functionals on Orlicz spaces270-276
R. FraserBanach spaces of functions satisfying a modulus of continuity condition277-283
Л. Салехов
Е. Семенов
О сходимости некоторого семейства функционалов в пространстве Орлича285-293
L. TzafririAn isomorphic characterization of Lp and co-spaces295-304
E. SteinNote on the class LlogL305-310

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