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Studia Mathematica

Tom 33

Warszawa-Wrocław 1969

Spis treści

S. JeyammaGeneralized operational functions1-11
J. Chrabowski
G. Łubczonok
Sur les semi-groupes à n paramètres des opérateurs linéaires13-18
A. Pietsch
A. Persson
p-nukleare und p-integrale Abbildungen in Banachräumen19-62
A. Pełczyńskip-integral operators commuting with group representations and examples of quasi-p-integral operators which are not p-integral63-70
M. RieffelMultipliers and tensor products of Lp-spaces of locally compact groups71-82
W. Szlenk
K. Krzyżewski
On invariant measures for expanding differentiable mappings83-92
J. KijowskiExistence of differentiable structure in the set of submanifolds. An attempt of geometrization of calculus of variations93-108
R. GundyOn the class L log L, martingales, and singular integrals109-118
T. BoehmeOn Mikusiński operators127-140
D. Waterman
F. Baber
T. Ito
J. Ratti
Reflexivity and summability: the Nakono l(pi) spaces141-146
B. Barnes
A. Roy
Boundedness in certain topological linear spaces147-156
J. CooperBases and complete systems for analytic functions157-164
J. BrooksTransforming bilinear vector integrals165-171
L. BergZum Problem der Operatorfunktionen mit verschwindender Ableitung173-174
G. ToporowskaThe minimal norm problem and Pontriagin's maximum principle for Banach spaces (I)175-183
R. EdwardsUnbounded integrally positive definite functions185-191
B. PettisOn Nikaidô's proof of the invariant meanvalue theorem193-196
D. Przeworska-RolewiczOn equations with reflection197-206
W. MeyersA uniform algebra with non-global peak points207-211
A. PerssonOn some properties of p-nuclear and p-integral operators213-222
H. Collins
P. Porcelli
Ideals in group algebras223-226
B. FisherProducts of generalized functions227-230
V. KleeTwo renorming constructions related to a question of Anselone231-242
Z. CiesielskiA construction of basis in C(¹)(I²)243-247
A. WilanskyCorrigenda to the paper "From traingular matrices to separated inductive limits" (Studia Mathematica 31.5 (1968), p. 469-479)249-249
T. RaghunathanOn the space of entire functions over certain non-archimedean fields and its dual251-256
J. Bergmann
N. Rothman
An L¹-algebra for algebraically irreducible semigroups257-272
C. CalderónOn Abel summability of multiple Laguerre series273-294
J. HowardThe comparison of an unconditionally converging operator295-298
R. CrownoverPrincipal ideals which are maximal ideals in Banach algebras299-304
A. NussbaumA note on quasi-analytic vectors305-309
C. SegoviaOn the area function of Lusin311-343
V. KleeCorrection to "Summability in ł(p_1,p_2,...) spaces" Studia Mathematica 25 (1965), p. 277-280)345-345

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