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Studia Mathematica

Tom 35

Warszawa-Wrocław 1970

Spis treści

V. Mandrekar
M. Nadkarni
D. Patil
Singular invariant measures on the line1-13
R. RosenbergOrlicz spaces based on families of measures15-49
D. Przeworska-RolewiczOn equations with rotations51-68
B. Mażbic-KulmaOn an equation with reflection of order n69-76
W. WojtyńskiOn conditional bases in non-nuclear Fréchet spaces77-96
N. TomczakA remark on (s,t)-absolutely summing operators in Lp-spaces97-100
E. Stein
S. Wainger
The estimation of an integral arising in multiplier transformations101-104
G. ToporowskaThe minimal-norm problem and Pontriagin's maximum principle for Banach spaces, II105-110
A. PeressiniBanach limits in vector lattices111-121
J. RadeckiOrthonormal basis in the space C1[0,1]123-163
L. YapIdeals in subalgebras of the group algebras165-175
V. DrobotA note on rearrangements of series177-179
T. BojdeckiAnalytic approach to semiclassical logarithmic potential theory181-198
A. Bernard
N. Varopoulos
Groupes de fonctions continues sur un compact. Applications à l'étude des ensembles de Kronecker199-206
A. HulanickiOn symmetry of group albebras of discrete nilpotent groups207-219
. Errata220-220
E. Briem
K. Laursen
N. Pedersen
Mergelyan's theorem for vector-valued functions with an application to slice algebras221-226
J. ZabczykSur la théorie semi-classique du potentiel pur les processus à accroissements indépendants227-247
R. CrownoverOne-dimensional point derivation spaces in Banach algebras249-259
J. StrelcynOn topological conjugation in linear groups261-272
J. BochnakAnalytic functions in Banach spaces273-292
J. SiciakA charactarization of analytic functions of n real variables293-297
B. Wood
S. Eisenberg
Approximating unbounded functions with linear operators generated by moment sequences299-304
С. ТроянскиПример гладкого пространства, сопряженное к которому не яавляется строго нормированным305-309
H. HelsonThe differential equation of an inner function311-321

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