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Studia Mathematica

Tom 36

Warszawa-Wrocław 1970

Spis treści

N. Aronszajn
R. Brown
Finite-dimensional petrurbations of spectral problems and variational approximation methods for eigenvalue problems. Part I. Finite-dimensional perturbations1-76
G. Weiss
R. Coifman
On subharmonicity inequalities involving solutions of generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations77-83
J. BakerSome uncomplemented subspaces of C(X) of the type C(Y)85-103
S. RolewiczOn controllability of systems of strings105-110
T. MoebesDecompositions of operator-valued representations of function algebras111-123
N. LohoueEnsemble de non-synthèe uniforme dans les algèbres Ap(G)125-129
M. AltmanA general separation theorem for mappings, saddlepoints duality and conjugate functions131-167
J. Shirey
R. Zing
On unconditional bases in certain Banach function spaces169-176
D. EdwardsAn extension of Choquet boundary theory to certain partially ordered compact convex sets177-193
F. TopsøeCompactness in spaces of measures195-212
D. Koehler
P. Rosenthal
On isometries of normed linear spaces213-216
P. RosenthalA characterization of multiplication by the independent variable on Lp217-221
N. RickertA note on positive definite functions223-226
A. WawrzyńczykA duality in the theory of group representations227-257
D. SalingerLarge squares and sets of analyticity in tensor algebras259-267
A. Nussbaum
F. Cholewiński
D. Haimo
A necessary and sufficient condition for the representation of a function as a Hankel-Stieltjes transform269-274

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