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Studia Mathematica

Tom 37

Warszawa-Wrocław 1971

Spis treści

I. KluvánekFourier transforms of vector-valued functions and measures1-12
H. RosenthalOn relatively disjoint families of measures, with some applications to Banach space theory13-36
S. SimonsMinimal sublinear functionals37-56
C. Segovia
R. Wheeden
On the function g*λ and the heat equation57-93
N. VaropoulosA problem on Kronecker sets99-101
R. StrubleAn algebraic view of distributions and operators103-109
Б. МитягинЭквивалентность базисов в гнльбертовых шкалах111-137
P. UssSur les opérateurs bornés dans les espaces localement convexes139-158
J. JohnsonExtreme points in tensor products and a theorem of de Leeuw159-162
A. HulanickiOn positive functionals on a group algebra multiplicative on a subalgebra163-171
S. TroyanskiOn locally uniformly convex and differentiable norms in certain non-separable Banach spaces173-180
W. ŻelazkoOn permanently singular elements in commutative m-convex locally convex algebras181-190
B. Anderson
H. Nakano
Semi-continuous linear lattices191-195
P. WojtaszczykOn separable Banach spaces containing all separable reflexive Banach spaces197-202
J. HolubHilbertian, Besselian, and semi-shrinking bases203-211
J. MikaExistence and uniqueness of the solution to the critical problem in neutron transport theory213-225
A. Tong
D. Wilken
The uncomplemented subspace K(E,F)227-236
H. PortaFactorable and strictly singular operators in a product space237-243
M. Jodeit
A. Torchinsky
Inequalities for Fourier transforms245-276
N. NielsenComponents and open mapping theorems277-287
Y. SagherOn certain hypersingular integrals289-309
H. RosenthalCorrection to the paper "On relatively disjoint families of measures, with some applications to Banach space theory"311-313
. Errata314-314

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