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Studia Mathematica

Tom 38

Warszawa-Wrocław 1970

Spis treści

. Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Nuclear Spaces and Ideals in Operator Algebras, Warsaw 18-25 June, 1969: Foreword, Contents, Program and List of Participants1-19
B. MitjaginFréchet spaces with a unique unconditional basis23-34
R. DudleySmall operators between Banach and Hilbert spaces35-41
W. RuckleDiagonals of operators43-49
J. Musielak
A. Waszak
On some countably modulared spaces51-57
A. PietschIdeale von Sp-Operatoren in Banachräumen59-69
P. SapharProduits tensoriels d'espaces de Banach et classes d'applications linéaires71-100
L. WaelbroeckThe tensor product of a locally pseudo-convex and a nuclear space101-104
I. SterhaniInjektive Operatorenideale über der Gesamtheit aller Banachräume und ihre topologische Erzengung105-124
J. Casteren
S. Goldberg
The conjugate of the product of operators125-130
M. RaoLinear operations tensor products, and contractive projections in function spaces131-186
M. DuchoňBiprojective tensor products and convolutions of vector-valued measures on a compact group187-192
S. KwapieńOn a theorem of L. Schwartz and its applications to absolutely summing operators193-201
L. SchwartzApplications p-radonifiantes et théorème de dualité203-213
A. MillionsOn topological algebra sheaves of a nuclear type215-220
K. FloretBases in sequentially retractive limit spaces221-225
G. AlbinusRemarks on a theorem of S.N. Bernstein227-234
Z. Semadeni
G. Albinus
A theorem of Eilenberg-Watts type for tensor products of Banach spaces235-242
N. KaltonUnconditional and normalised bases248-253
N. KaltonSchauder bases and reflexivity255-266
G. HenkinOn non-isomorphism of Banach spaces of holomorphic functions267-270
J. CohenA characterization of inner product spaces using absolutely 2-summing operators271-276
S. KwapieńA linear topological characterization of innerproduct spaces277-278
B. GelbaumOn a class of operators in Hilbert space279-284
H. TriebelNukleare Funktionenräume und singuläre elliplische Differentialoperatoren285-311
B. GramschÜber analytische Operatorfunktionen und Indexberechnung313-317
D. GarlingAbsolutely p-summing operators in Hilbert space319-331
Y. DaleckiĭIntegration in functin spaces and differential equations with functional derivatives333-340
D. DulstPerturbation theory and strictly singular operators in locally convex spaces341-372
E. DubinskyEquivalent nuclear systems373-379
Y. KömuraDuality of linear spaces of functions and nuclearity of solution spaces381-389
P. Porcelli
R. Butts
Multiplicity theory391-405
L. NachbinConcerning holomorphy types for Banach spaces407-412
M. ZernerApproximation par des variétés algébriques dans les espaces hilbertiens413-435
. Short Summaries437-466
. Unsolved Problems467-483
. Errata485-485

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