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Studia Mathematica

Tom 40

Warszawa-Wrocław 1971

Spis treści

. Errata T. XL.1
J. DalyOn Liouville F-algebras1-16
J. UhlOn a class of operators on Orlicz spaces17-22
Z. Ciesielski
D. Dean
L. Stembach
On shrinking basic sequences in Banach spaces23-33
J. LindbergExtension of algebra norms and applications35-39
R. BagbyA difference quotient norm for spaces of quasihomogeneous Bessel potentials41-48
L. YapConvolution of functions in Lorentz spaces49-53
G. Allan
H. Dales
J. McClure
Pseudo-Banach algebras55-69
S. RolewiczAn example of a normal space non-isomorphic to its product by the real line71-75
E. DubińskyEvery separable Fréchet space contains a nonstable dense subspace77-79
L. ChevalierAlgèbres de fonctions à orthogonal purement atomique81-84
M. KadecOn complementably universal Banach spaces85-89
A. Pełczyński
P. Wojtaszczyk
Banach spaces with finite dimensional expansions of identity and universal bases of finite dimensional subspaces91-108
T. WalshOn weighed Hp spaces109-159
T. WalshOn singular integrals of functions in L¹161-181
W. SłowikowskiRange of operators and regularity of solutions183-198
G. KrabbeLinear operators and operational calculus. Part I199-223
G. BennettDistingueshed subsets and summability invariants225-234
L. YapEvery Segal algebra satisfies Ditkin's condition235-237
A. PełczyńskiAny separable Banach space with the bounded approximation property is a complemented subspace of a Banach space with a basic239-243
K. GawędzkiFunctional theory of geodesic fields and its applications to the calculus of variations of multiple integrals245-264
. Contents of volumes XXX-XL265-289

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