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Studia Mathematica

Tom 41

Warszawa-Wrocław 1972

Spis treści

H. ShultzLinear operators and operational calculus, Part II1-25
D. ShreveApproximation of translation invariant operators25-43
L. TakácsOn a formula of Pollaczek and Spitzer27-34
Y. SagherInterpolation of r-Banach spaces45-70
A. OffordThe distribution of the values of a random function in the unit disk71-106
J. BjörkUniform algebras satisfying certain extension properties107-115
T. WalshCorrection to the paper "On weighted Hp spaces" (Studia Math. 40 (1971), pp. 109-159)117-118
J. HuneycuttProducts and convolutions of vector valued set functions119-129
C. NeugebauerDifferentiation of trigonometric series131-135
C. NeugebauerOn certain linear combinations of partial sums of Fourier series137-144
M. WildeOn weak and Schauder decompositions145-148
E. DubinskyA new definition of nuclear systems with applications to bases in nuclear spaces149-161
P. DixonAn embedding theorem for commutative Bo-algebras163-168
Y. SagherAn application of interpolation theory to Fourier series169-181
A. VarmaSome remarks on a theorem of S.M. Lozinski concerning linear process of approximation of periodic functions183-190
M. FisherFractional powers of operators and Bessel potentials on Hilbert space191-206
P. WojtaszczykSome remarks on the Gurarij space207-210
Z. Ciesielski
J. Domsta
Construction of an orthonormal basis in Cm(Id) and Wmp(Id)211-224
. Errata T. XLI.2224-224
P. MankiewiczOn Lipschitz mappings between Fréchet spaces225-241
R. WheelerThe equicontinuous week* topology and semifelexivity243-256
A. Jakimovski
A. Livne
An extension of Brudno-Mazur-Orlicz theorem257-262
E. SchockApproximation von Elementen eines lokalkonvexen Räumes263-271
З. ЧантурияУстойчивость процесса ортогонализации и её прнменения273-290
J. DomstaA theorem on B-splines291-314
J. Krivine
D. Dacunha-Castelle
Application des ultraproduits à l'etude des espaces et des algèbres de Banach315-334

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