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Studia Mathematica

Tom 42

Warszawa-Wrocław 1972

Spis treści

. Hugo Steinhaus (1887-1972) necrologue
A. Wawrzyńczyk
A. Strasburger
Reciprocity theorems in the theory of representations of groups1-14
W. JentschÜber die Struktur der rationalen Operatoren in der zweidimensionalen diskreten Operatorenrechnung15-27
E. DubinskyExamples of nuclear systems29-42
J. KisyńskiOn operator valued solutions of d'Alembert's functional equation, II43-66
J. KisyńskiOn uniform symmetrization of analytic matrix functions67-85
E. GerlachGeneralized invariant subspaces for linear operators87-90
A. Baernstein IIOn feflexivity and summability91-94
L. WaelbroeckAbout the space ∩lp,p>095-96
F. SzafraniecDecompositions of non-contractive operator-valued representations of Banach algebras97-108
W. StilesSome properties of lp,0109-119
N. KiltonBases in weakly sequentially complete Banach spaces121-131
A. Kumar
V. Mandrekar
Stable probability measures on Banach spaces133-144
M. RieffelUnitary representations induces from compact subgroups145-175
H. Havel
U. Westphal
Fractional powers of closed operators177-194
. Errata T. XLII.2194-194
C. CleaverOn the extension of Lipschitz-Hölder maps on Orlicz spaces195-204
C. HerzDrury's lemma and Helson sets205-219
P. Nyikos
J. Schäffer
Flat spaces of continuous functions221-229
H. WangNonfactorization in group algebras231-241
A. Baernstein IIOn the Fourier series of functions of bounded φ -variation243-248
C. SwartzConvergence of convolution operators249-257
E. DubinskyProjective and inductive limits of Banach spaces259-263
J. HolubA characterization of subspaces of Lp(μ)265-270
N. FavaWeak type inequalities for product operators271-288
S. ScheinbergInvariant norms for C(T)289-294
T. FigielAn example of infinite dimensional reflexive Banach space non-isomorphic to its Cartesian square295-306

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