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Studia Mathematica

Tom 43

Warszawa-Wrocław 1972

Spis treści

J. Retherford
J. Morrell
p-trivial Banach spaces1-25
J. JankinsFree semigroups and unitary group representations27-39
J. Miziołek
T. Müldner
A. Rek
On topologically nilpotent algebras41-50
L. Crone
D. Fleming
P. Jessup
Diagonal nuclear operators51-56
C. GrahamHelson sets and simultaneous extensions to Fourier transforms57-60
И. ШрагинОператор суперпозиции в модулярных функциональных пространствах61-75
H. Rosenthal
W. Johnson
On ω*-basic sequences and their applications to the study of Banach spaces77-92
W. KraynekInterpolation of sublinear operators on generalized Orlicz and Hardy-Orlicz spaces93-123
С. ТроянскиОб эквивалентных нормах и минимальных системах в несепарабельных пространствах Банаха125-138
A. To-Ming LauAction of topological semigroups, invariant means, and fixed points139-156
S. HeckscherSome metric and topological properties of certain linear spaces of measurable functions157-172
A. ZygmundA Cantor-Lebesgue theorem for double trigonometirc series173-178
P. SubramanianTwo-norm spaces and decompositions of Banach spaces, I179-194
S. WuThe domain of attraction of a normal distribution in a Hilbert space195-208
N. NielsenOn the trace of some operators209-215
A. To-Ming Lau
R. Holmes
Almost fixed points of semigroups of non-expansive mappings217-218
W. MlakIntertwining operators219-233
A. DufresnoySur les compacte d'interpolation du spectre de H∞(D)235-244
K. SkórnikHereditarily periodic distributions245-272
D. Myers
C. Swartz
Correction to the paper "Random functionals on K{M_{p}} spaces" (Studia Math., 39 (1971), pp. 233-240)273-273

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