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Studia Mathematica

Tom 45

Warszawa-Wrocław 1973

Spis treści

W. RobinsonExtensions of basic sequences in Fréchet spaces1-14
P. MankiewiczOn the differentiability of Lipschitz mappings in Fréchet spaces15-29
R. SatoOn the individual ergodic theorem for subsequences31-35
P. Wong
T. Husain
On generalized right modular complemented algebras37-42
A. VogtMaps which preserve equality of distance43-48
M. CwikelOn the cojugates of some function spaces49-55
K. UrbanikGeneralized convolutions II57-70
W. Orlicz
R. Leśniewicz
On generalized variations II71-109
. Errata T. XLV.1110-110
R. DossConvolution of singular measures111-117
K. LindbergOn subspaces of Orlicz sequences spaces119-146
J. LloydDifferentiable mappings on topological vector spaces147-160
J. ZabczykOptimal control by means switchings161-171
W. Davis
W. Johnson
On the existence of fundamental and total founded biorthogonal systems in Banach spaces173-179
J. LigaudSur les rapports de convexité des topologies et bornologies dans les espaces nucléares181-190
T. FigielFactorization of compact operators and applications to the approximation problem191-210
. Errata T. XLV.2210-210
C. SwartzFourier transforms of convolution operators211-219
J. Hampson
A. Wilansky
Sequences in locally convex spaces221-223
A. DashJoint spectra225-237
W. ŻelazkoOn a problem concerning joint approximate point spectra239-240
B. LangemannÜber Greensche Funktionen singulärer elliptischer Differentiatoperatoren241-255
E. Müller-PfeifferÜber die Halbdeschränktheit und das Spektrum des Operators (-∆)m+q(x)257-271
R. AronHolomorphy types for open subsets of a Banach space273-289
D. WellsFunction algebras on the interval and circle291-293
J. JenkinsNonsymmetric group algebras295-307
T. BoehmeOn power series in the differentiation operator309-317

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