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Studia Mathematica

Tom 46

Warszawa-Wrocław 1973

Spis treści

M. AltmanInverse differentiability contractors and equations in Banach spaces1-15
M. FieldA finiteness result on the ring of analytic functions defined on a Banach space17-20
M. AhujaFormally real rings of distributions21-30
K. YlinenVector space isomorphisms of O*-algebras31-34
J. HaglerSome more Banach spaces which contain l¹35-42
H. ToruńczykSmooth partitions of unity on some non-separable Banach spaces43-51
R. LeśniewiczOn linear functionals in Hardy-Orlicz spaces, I53-77
K. NapiórkowskiOn generalized eigenfunctions of operators in a Hilbert space79-82
H. TriebelÜber die Existenz von Schauderbasen in Sobolev-Besov-Räumen. Isomorphiebeziehungen83-100
M. AltmanDirectional contractors and equations in Banach spaces101-110
P. LaiL'analogue dans Lp des théorèmes de convexité de M. Riesz et G.O. Thorin111-124
G. FreudOn weighted L1-approximation by polynomials125-133
G. LumerBochner's theorem, states, and Fourier transforms of measures135-140
P. TurpinUn critère de compacité dans les espaces vectoriels topologiques141-148
J. LigaudUn excemple d'espace nucléaire dont le dual topologique est réduit à zero149-151
P. TurpinOpérateurs linéaires entre espaces d'Orlicz non localement convexes153-165
P. TurpinEspaces et intersections d'espaces d'Orlicz non localement convexes167-195
R. MauldinA representation theorem for the second dual of C[0,1]197-200
V. ZahariutaOn the isomorphism of cartesian products of locally convex spaces201-221
R. SatoA general ratio ergodic theorem for Abel sums223-233
A. WaszakSome remarks on strong (M,φ )-summability235-239
E. SenetaOn strong ergodicity of inhomogeneous products of finite stochastic matrices241-247
M. Taibleson
J. Chao
A sub-regularity inequality for conjugate systems on local fields249-257
R. LeśniewiczOn linear functionals in Hardy-Orlicz spaces, II259-295
A. Zygmund
A. Calderón
Addendum to a paper "On singular integrals"297-299
J. JanasSemi-spectral integrals and related mappings301-313

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