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Studia Mathematica

Tom 48

Warszawa-Wrocław 1973

Spis treści

C. CalderónDifferentiation through starlike sets in Rm1-13
K. SundaresanSpaces of continuous functions into a Banach space15-22
L. DrewnowskiDecompositions of set functions23-48
R. Aló
A. Korvin
L. Kunes
Topological aspects of q-regular measures49-60
R. James
G. Giesy
Uniformly non-ł(1) and B-convex Banach spaces61-69
M. Kojima
G. Sunouchi
Characterization of saturation classes in L(Rn)71-81
Z. SłodkowskiOn ideals consisting of joint topological divisors of zero83-88
A. Shields
L. Rubel
H. Porta
Separability of orbits of functions on locally compact groups89-94
I. SingerOn a problem of moments of S. Rolewicz95-98
D. AdamsA trace inequality for generalized potentials99-105
J. TzimbalariSome Mazur-Orlicz-Brudno like theorems107-117
G. Bachman
E. Beckenttein
L. Narici
Topological algebras of continuous functions over valued fields119-127
D. Przeworska-RolewiczAlgebraic theory of right invertible operators129-144
J. BattNonlinear integral operators on C(S,E)145-177
E. DeutschOn contradictions of normed vector spaces179-180
B. JohnsonSome examples in harmonic analysis181-188
A. Hulanicki
T. Pytlik
On commutative approximate identities and cyclic vectors of induced representations189-199
H. LeptinHarmonische Analyse auf gewissen nilpotenten Lieschen Gruppen201-205
P. MankiewiczOn the orders of the extensions of linear functionals to distributions207-222
U. MertinsEigenschaften von Schauder Basen und Reflexivität223-231
G. BohnkeSur les idéaux primaires fermés stables par automorphismes linéaires233-244
A. AtzmonTranslation invariant subspaces of Lp(G)245-250
Š. SchwabikA remark on the d-characteristic and the ds.-characteristic of linear operators in a Banach space251-255
J. LigaudSur les differentes définitions d'un espace nucléaire non localement convexe257-269
J. WooOn modular sequence spaces271-289
S. DoleckiObservability for the one-dimensional heat equation291-305
M. RaoAddendum to: "Linear operations, tensor products, and contractive projections in function spaces" (Studia Math. 38 (1970), pp. 131-186)307-308
A. Korányi
F. Stein
Correction to the paper "H^2 spaces of generalized half-planes" (Studia Math. 44 (1972), pp. 379-388)309-309

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