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Studia Mathematica

Tom 50

Warszawa-Wrocław 1974

Spis treści

S. Hahn
K. Pötter
Über Fixpunkte kompakter Abbilidungen in topologischen Vektorräumen1-16
N. TrudingerAn imbedding theorem for Ho(G,Ω)-spaces17-30
M. FisherRecognition and limit theorems for Lp-multipliers31-41
W. MadychOn Littlewood-Paley functions43-63
N. HeidemanDuality and fractional integration in Lipschitz spaces65-85
G. WoodwardThe generalized almost periodic part of an ergodic function103-116
V. BabalolaIntegration of evolution equations in a locally convex space117-125
W. Żelazko
Z. Słodkowski
On joint spectra of commuting families of operators127-148
V. Mandrekar
J. Kuelbs
Domains of attracion of stable measures on a Hilbert space149-162
N. Tomczak-JaegermannThe moduli of smoothness and convexity and the Rademacher averages of the trace classes Sp(1≤p<∞)163-182
R. RochbergExponential integrability of certain singular integral transforms183-187
A. ZygmundOn Fourier coefficients and transforms of functions of two variables189-201
L. DrewnowskiOn control submeasures and measures203-224
T. PytlikNuclear spaces on a locally compact group225-243
J. DanielA generalized contraction mapping theorem in E-metric spaces245-250
V. MoscatelliBases in bornological spaces251-264
W. SzymańskiDecompositions of operator-valued functions in Hilbert spaces265-280
. Contents of volume XLI-L281-303

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