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Studia Mathematica

Tom 51

Warszawa-Wrocław 1974

Spis treści

. Marceli Stark (September 19, 1908-May 4, 1974)
G. TomšičHomogeneous operators1-5
P. TaylorInverse limits of compact convex sets and direct limits of spaces of continuous affine functions7-10
I. LabudaContinuity of operators on Saks spaces11-21
G. MeyersOn Toeplitz sections in FK-spaces23-33
S. SamnA note of wco-basis35-38
T. LeżańskiSur les équations d'évolution non linéaires 139-49
W. Connett
A. Schwartz
A multiplier theorem for ultraspherical series51-70
J. BoosErsetzbarkeit von konvergenztreuen Martixverfahren71-79
W. Davis
W. Johnson
Compact, non-nuclear operators81-85
B. BollobásBest possible bounds of the norms of inverses adjoined to normed algebras87-96
Д. Харазов
Ю. Абрамов
Некоторые вопросы спектральной теории симметризуемых операторов в локально выпуклых пространствах97-109
C. BergOn the potential operators associated with a semigroup111-113
J. CyganRiesz products on non-commutative groups115-123
W. Fischer
U. Schöler
In non-locally bounded Lφ-spaces the norm is not almost transitive125-128
D. GarlingDiagonal mappings between sequence spaces129-138
I. KhalilSul l'analyse harmonique du groupe affine de la droite139-167
P. SjölinFourier multipliers and estimates of the Fourier transform of measures carried by smooth curves in R²169-182
G. WoodOn the semigroup of Dk mappings on Fréchet Montel space183-199
A. Pietschs-Numbers of operators in Banach spaces201-223
W. JohnsonOn finite dimensional subspaces of Banach spaces with local unconditional structure225-240
R. Coifman
C. Fefferman
Weighted norm inequalities for maximal functions and singular integrals241-250
B. Morrel
P. Muhly
Centered operators251-263
A. PietschSmall ideals of operators265-267
R. CoifmanA real variable characterization of Hp269-274
R. DudleyCorrection to "Convergence of Baire measures" (Studia Mathematica 27 (1966), pp. 251-268)275-275

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