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Studia Mathematica

Tom 52

Warszawa-Wrocław 1974

Spis treści

R. IsraelPerturbations of Fredholm operators1-8
J. KerlinBeurling algebras on locally compact groups, tensor products, and mulitpliers9-21
R. HaydonOn a problem of Pełczyński: Milutin spaces, Dungundji spaces and AE(0-dim)23-31
E. Berkson
A. Sourour
The hermitian operators on some Banach spaces33-41
A. Sklar
B. Schweizer
Operations on distribution functions not derivable from operations on random variables43-52
R. KaufmanBrownian motion, approximation of functions, and Fourier analysis51-68
J. KuelbsAn inequality for the distribution of a sum of certain Banach space valued random variables69-87
T. LeżańskiSur l'intégration directe des équations d'évolution 289-108
P. MankiewiczOn topological, Lipschitz and uniform classification of LF-spaces109-142
P. WojtaszczykOn linear properties of separable conjugate spaces of C*-algebras143-147
M. LeinertFaltungsoperatoren auf gewissen diskreten Gruppen149-158
J. Hoffmann-JørgensenSums of independent Banach space valued random variables159-186
S. KwapieńOn Banach spaces containing co. A supplement to the paper by J.Hoffman-Jørgensen "Sums of independent Banach space valued random variables"187-188
B. Lin
P. Casazza
Projections on Banach spaces with symmetric bases189-193
R. BleiA simple diophantine condition in harmonic analysis195-202
L. Crone
W. Robinson
Every nuclear Fréchet space with a regulae basis has the quasi-equivalence property203-207
E. DubinskyConcrete subspaces of nuclear Fréchet spaces209-219
M. LabbéIsomorphisms of continuous function spaces221-231
L. DrewnowskiAnother note on Kalton's theorems233-237
S. FrunzǎOn Taylor functional calculus239-242
W. Connett
A. Schwartz
A multiplier theorem for Jacobi expansions243-261
A. Pełczyński
H. Rosenthal
Lokalization techniques in Lp spaces265-289
A. AtzmonAddition to the paper "Translation invariant subspaces of Lp(G)" Studia Mathematica 48 (1973), pp. 245-250291-292

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