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Studia Mathematica

Tom 53

Warszawa-Wrocław 1975

Spis treści

M. Ramanujan
T. Terzioglu
Power series spaces Λk(a) of finite type and related nuclearities1-13
C. KottmanSubsets of the unit ball the are separated by more than one15-27
J. GlobevnikOn vector-valued analytic functions with constant norm29-37
D. KurtzWeighted norm inequalities for the Hardy-Little-wood maximal function for one parameter rectangles39-54
A. Kumar
B. Schreiber
Self-decomposable probability measures on Banach spaces55-71
L. LindahlOn ideal of joint topological divisors of zero73-74
C. Sadosky
M. Cotlar
A moment theory approach to the Riesz theorem on the conjugate function with general measures75-101
A. EtcheberryIsomorphisms of spaces of bounded continuous functions103-127
R. SatoInvariant measures for semigroups129-134
E. GootmanLocal eigenvectors for group representations135-138
C. CalderónOn commutators of singular integrals139-174
U. NeriFractional integration on the space H1 and its dual175-189
D. ShreveError estimates for approximation of translation invariant operators191-202
Y. DomarOn the analytic transform of bounded linear functionals on certain Banach algebras203-224
S. PröβdorfSysteme einiger singulärer Gleichungen vom nicht normalen Typ und Projektionsverfahren zu ihrer Lösung225-252
S. TroyanskiOn non-separable Banach spaces with a symmetric basis253-263
T. PytlikOn commutative approximate identies265-267
P. DjakovA short proof of the theorem of Cronc and Robinson on quasi-equivalence of regular bases269-271
W. NovingerLinear isometries of subspaces of spaces of continuous functions273-276
Z. CiesielskiConstructive function theory and spline systems277-302

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