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Studia Mathematica

Tom 54

Warszawa-Wrocław 1975

Spis treści

J. LigaudSur les rapports entre sommabilité et dimension diamétrale1-6
H. MillingtonProducts of group-valued measures7-27
J. Pym
H. Vasudeva
An algebra of finitely additive measures29-40
R. WobstIsometrien in metrischen Vektorräumen41-54
P. SzeptyckiExtensions by mollifiers in Basov spaces55-72
J. JanasToeplitz operators related to certain domains in Cn73-79
J. Lindenstrauss
C. Stegall
Examples of separable spaces which do not contain l1 and whose duals are non-separable81-105
J. PeetreA correction to the paper "A multiplier theorem for Jacobi expansion" Studia Math. 52 (1975), pp. 234-261107-107
M. FisherMultipliers on p-Fourier algebras109-116
А. ГулисашвилиО поведении коэффициентов Фурье равноизмеримых функций117-129
S. Troyanski
R. Maleev
On the moduli of convexity and smoothness in Orlicz spaces131-141
V. PellegriniNumerical range preserving operators on a Banach algebra143-147
A. Pełczyński
R. Ovsepian
On the existence of a fundamental total and bounded biorthogonal sequence in every separable Banach space, and related constructions of uniformly bounded orthonormal systems in L²149-159
D. Lewis
Y. Gordon
Banach ideals on Hilbert spaces161-172
F. Topsøe
D. Pollard
A unified approach to Riesz type representation theorems173-190
D. HartingOn functors from compact to Banach algebras191-198
A. HulanickiOn the spectrum of the Laplacian on the affine group of the real linc199-204
I. Singer
D. Dulst
On Kadec-Klee norms on Banach spaces205-211
R. SatoA mean ergodic theorem for a constraction semigroup in Lebesque space213-219
B. Muckenhoupt
R. Wheeden
Weighted bounded mean oscillation and the Hilbert transform221-237
S. SimonsThe simultaneous existence of linear functionals239-243
J. ZinnAdmissible translates of stable measures245-257
M. SłocińskiNormal extensions of commutative subnormal operators259-266
B. TomiukMultipliers on Banach algebras267-283
L. WeisOn the surjective (injective) envelope of strictly (co-) singular operators285-290
A. Pełczyński
B. Maurey
A criterion for compositions of (p, q)-absolutely summing operators to be compact291-300

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