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Studia Mathematica

Tom 55

Warszawa-Wrocław 1976

Spis treści

K. John
V. Zizler
Weak compact generating in duality1-20
J. ClersLocalisation des sommes de Riesz sur un groupe de Lie compact21-26
G. BennettSome ideals of operators on Hilbert space27-40
V. Drobot
G. Sampson
A. Naparstek
(Lp,Lq) mapping properties of convolution transforms41-70
E. BehrendsLp-Struktur in Banachräumen71-85
D. WatermanOn tth summability of Fourier series of functions of Λ-bounded variation87-95
I. Suciu
I. Valusescu
On the hyperbolic metric on Harnack parts97-109
F. ZoA note on approximation of the identity111-122
W. Davis
J. Lindenstrauss
W. Johnson
The ln1 problem and degrees of non-reflexivity123-140
N. PavelIntegral solutions for non-linear evolution equations on Banach space141-149
P. VolkmannOperatorenalgebren mit einer endlichen Anzahl von maximalen Idealen151-156
J. JanasToeplitz operators for a certain class of function algebras157-161
P. MankiewiczOn isometries in linear metric spaces163-173
M. MisiurewiczTopological conditional entropy175-200
W. JohnsonA reflexive Banach space which is not sufficiently Euclidean201-205
E. OshobiNorm-decreasing isomorphism on hermitian elements and the group of isometric and invertible multipliers of a Banach algebre207-214
L. YoungA converse to some inequalities and approximations in the theory of Stieltjes and stochastic integrals, and for nth derivatives215-223
H. LordHull operators on a category of spaces of continuosu functions on Hausdorff spaces225-237
F. TopsøeFurther results on integral representations239-245
Y. HasegawaOn the integrability of a class of integral transforms247-259
M. WriedtMinimale Elemente auf Hyperebenen und konjugierte Funktionen261-264
H. ApiolaSome permanence properties of locally convex spaces defined by norm space ideals of operators265-278
B. Muckenhoupt
R. Wheeden
Two weight function norm inequalities for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function and the Hilbert transform279-294
A. PełczyńskiAll separable Banach space admit for every ε>0 fundamental total and bounded by 1+ε biorthogonal sequences295-304

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