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Studia Mathematica

Tom 56

Warszawa-Wrocław 1976

Spis treści

D. ShreveApproximation of commutators of singular integrals1-20
P. LudvikDiscontinuous translation invariant linear functional on L¹(G)21-30
G. Allan
A. Sinclair
Power factorization in Banach algebras with a bounded approximate identity31-38
S. RolewiczOn the minimum time control problem and continuous families of convex sets39-45
J. Shapiro
N. Kalton
Bases and basic sequences in F-spaces47-61
D. PollardCompact sets of tight measures63-67
P. TurpinConditions de bornitude et espaces de fonctions mesurables69-91
R. SinhaOn an infinite linear combination of partial sums of Fourier series93-100
A. Jakimovski
D. Russell
Best order conditions in linear spaces, with applications to limitation, inclusion and high indices theorems for ordinary and absolute Riesz means101-120
T. FigielOn the moduli of convexity and smoothness121-155
R. Huff
P. Morris
Geometric characterizations of the Radon-Nikodym property in Banach spaces157-164
A. HulanickiThe distribution of energy in the Brownian motion in the Gaussian field and analytic-hypoellipticity of certain subelliptic operators on the Heisenberg group165-173
A. Pełczyński
B. Mitiagin
On the non-existence of linear isomorphisms between Banach spaces of analytic functions of one and several complex variables175-186
T. ByczkowskiThe invariance principle for group-valued random variables187-198
. Errata (Studia Mathematica, LVI (1976))198-198
P. KenderovMultivalued monotone mappings are almost everywhere single-valued199-203
J. LöfströmLocal convergence of convolution integral205-227
R. HaydonEmbedding Dτ in Dugundji spaces, with an application to linear topological classicication of spaces of continuous functions229-242
R. Haydon
S. Ditor
On absolute retracts, P(S) and complemented subspaces of ζ(Dω¹)243-251
A. To-Ming LauW*-algebras and invariant functionals253-261
P. Wojtaszczyk
I. Edelstein
On projections and unconditional bases in direct sums of Banach spaces263-276
W. Stiles
S. Schonefeld
On the inductive limit of Ulp, 0277-286

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