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Studia Mathematica

Tom 57

Warszawa-Wrocław 1976

Spis treści

I. Gochberg
J. Leiterer
Über Algebren stetiger Operatorfunktionen1-26
J. ClersUne formule asymptotique du type Mehler-Heine pour les zonoles d'un espace reimannien symétrique27-32
D. WatermanOn Λ-bounded variation33-45
J. LapresteOpérateurs sommants et factorisations. A travers les espaces Lp47-83
C. SwartzUnconditionally covering and Dunford-Pettis operators on Cx(S)85-90
A. CordobaOn the Vitali covering properties of a differentiation basis91-95
C. Fefferman
A. Cordoba
A weighted norm inequality for singular integrals97-101
B. BeauzamyOpérateurs uniformément convexifiants103-139
J. ChmielowskiConstrucions des ensembles déterminants pour les fonctions analytiques141-146
N. AronszajnDifferentiability of Lipschitzian mappings between Banach spaces147-190
K. SenatorFreely solvable systems of linear inequalities191-198
A. TrombaOn the isometries of spaces of Höldere ontinuous functions199-208
L. DrenowskiAn extension of a theorem of Rosenthal on operators acting from l∞(Γ)209-215
J. Roberts
M. Stoll
Composition operators on F+217-228
B. Stanković
M. Skendžić
On power series in the operators sα229-239
G. GoesGeneralizations of theorems of Fejér and Zygmund on convergence and boundedness of conjugate series241-249
B. RubioThe property of weak type (p,p) for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator and derivation of integrals251-255
B. CarlA remark on p-integral and p-absolutely summing operators form lu into lv257-262
B. FisherNeutrices and the product of distributions263-274
A. CalderónAn inequality for integrals275-277
A. CalderónOn an integral of Marcinkiewicz279-284
A. Calderón
J. Lewis
Maxis smoothing operators and some Orlicz classes285-296
A. CalderónInequalities for the maximal function relative to a metirc297-306

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