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Studia Mathematica

Tom 59

Warszawa-Wrocław 1976

Spis treści

G. KrabbeAn extension of Duhamel's integral to differential equations involving generalized functions; the steady-state solution1-36
P. LegišaWell embedded Hilbert subspaces in C*-algebras37-40
A. Weron
A. Makagon
q-variate minimal stationary processes41-52
W. Fischer
U. Schöler
The range of vector measures into Orlicz spaces53-61
D. LepingleQuelques inégalités concernant les martingales63-83
N. Ladhawala
D. Pankratz
Almost everywhere convergence of Walsh Fourier series of H1-functions85-92
C. CalderónOn parabolic Marcinkiewicz integrals93-105
H. Porta
C. Kenig
Weak star and bounded weak star continuity of Banach algebra products107-124
K. IzuchiThe structure of L-ideals of measures algebras125-131
S. RolewiczOn universal time for the controllability of time-depending linear control systems133-138
M. Becker
P. Butzer
R. Nessel
Saturation for Farvard operators in weighted function spaces139-153
T. LeżańskiSur les équations du type φ(x,h)=0 (I)155-175
A. TorchinskyInterpolation of operations and Orlicz classes177-207
. Errata (Studia Mathematica 59.2 (1976))208-208
T. ShimizuIndependent sets and measures algebras209-225
L. WaelbroeckA rigid topological vector space227-234
D. OberlinMultipliers of LpE, II235-248
T. ByczkowskiGaussian measures on Lp spaces, 0≤p<∞249-261
W. WojtyńskiBanach-Lie algebras of compact operators263-273
K. UrbanikA characterization of Gaussian measures on Banach spaces275-281
E. DubinskyBasic sequences in (s)283-293
V. WróbelBeschränkte Operatoren: Bemerkungen zu einer Arbeit von P. Uss295-300
K. Förster
E. Liebetrau
On semi-Fredholm operators and the conjugate of a product of operators301-306

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