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Studia Mathematica

Tom 60

Warszawa-Wrocław 1977

Spis treści

J. MycielskiA conjecture of Ulam on the invariance of measures in Gilbert's cube1-10
M. ValdiviaOn class of Banach spaces11-13
J. CrawfordEliptically contoured measures on infinite-dimensional Banach spaces15-32
J. Peetre
J. Gustavsson
Interpolation of Orlicz spaces33-59
F. PrzytyckiOn Ω-stability and structural stability of endomorphisms satisfying Axiom A61-77
D. Alspach
P. Enflo
E. Odell
On the structure of separable Lp spaces (179-90
I. AlpnsoA general result on th equivalence between derivation of integrals and weak inequalities for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator91-96
W. SzymańskiAntisymmetry of subalgebras of C*-algebras97-107
W. Connett
A. Schwartz
A correction to the paper "A new approach in interpolation spaces" Studia Math. 34 (1970), pp. 23-42109-109
R. JonesInequalities for the ergodic maximal function111-129
K. John
V. Zizler
Gâteaux smooth partitions of unity on weakly compactly generated Banach spaces131-135
J. WuBoundary limits of Green's potentials along curves137-144
H. TriebelMultipliers and Unconditional Schauder bases in Besov spaces145-156
R. JamesBanach spaces quasi-reflexive of order one157-177
R. SharpleyMultilinear weak type interpolation of m n-tuples with applications179-194
Z. Ciesielski
P. Sjölin
P. Simon
Equivalence of Haar and Franklin bases in Lp spaces195-210
B. BeauzamyQuelques propriétés des opérateurs uniformément convexifiants211-222
C. MatyszczykApproximation of analytic and continuous mappings by polynomials in Fréchet spaces223-238
R. StrubleA two-sided operational calculus239-254
J. RobertsA compact convex set with no extreme points255-266
H. BercoviciOn the Jordan model Co operators267-284
J. Chmielowski
G. Łubczonok
A property of determining sets for analytic functions285-288
J. HalgerA counterexample to several questions about Banach spaces289-308
. Contents of volumes LI - LX309-330

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