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Studia Mathematica

Tom 62

Warszawa-Wrocław 1978

Spis treści

R. Coifman
B. Baishanski
Pointwise estimates for commutator singular integrals1-15
S. VágiH² spaces of generalized half-planes17-26
S. GóźdźOn an integral representation of antisymmetric operations in Hilbert spaces. I. Bounded operations27-37
P. PelugBestimmungsflächen für des Randwachstum holomorpher Funktionen auf analytischen Polyedern39-46
E. BehrendsLp-Struktur in Banachräumen II47-63
B. JawethThe trace of Sobolev and Besov spaces if 0< p <165-71
K. YabutaA remark to a paper of Janas "Toeplitz operators related to certain domains in Cn"73-74
A. Calderón
R. Scott
Sobolev type inequalities for p>075-92
R. LatterA characterization of Hp(Rn) in terms of atoms93-101
C. SwartzCorrection to "Unconditionally converging and Dunford-Pettis operators on Cx(S)" ( Studia math. 57 (1976), pp. 85-90)103-103
A. CalderónCorrection to "On an integral of Marcinkiewicz" ( Studia math. 57 (1976), pp. 279-284)105-105
M. ZafranA multilinear interpolation theorem107-124
R. RubinHarmonic analysis on the group of rigid motions of the Euclidean plane125-142
P. BillardSur la primarité des espaces C(α)143-162
H. HeinigThe Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem extends to weighted spaces163-168
S. GóźdźSuites concordantes d'espaces normés et leurs applications I169-192
P. WojaszczykOn projections and unconditional bases in direct sums of Banach spaces II193-201
F. VasilescuOn pairs of commuting operators203-207
G. WoodA note automorphisms of semigroups and near-rings of mappings209-218
C. AtkinBounded complete Finsler structures I219-228
G. SparrInterpolation of weighted Lp-spaces229-271
S. BellenotFactorization of compact operators and finite representability of Banach spaces with applications to Schwartz spaces273-286
J. WuBoundary limits of Green's potentials along curves II. Lipschitz domains287-294
W. GejlerOn extending and lifting continuous linear mappings in topological vecotr spaces295-303
F. Vasilescu
Z. Ceausescu
Tensor products and Taylor's joint spectrum305-311

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