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Studia Mathematica

Tom 63

Warszawa-Wrocław 1978

Spis treści

Y. Abramovič
E. Positselskiĭ
L. Yanovskiĭ
On some parameters associated with normed lattices and on series characterization of M-spaces1-8
П. Айзенгендлер
М. Вайнберг
О ветвлении и устойчивости периодических решений дифференциальных уравнений с неаналитической правой частью9-30
H. EhmkeKommutative Banachalgebren und hermitesch-äquivalente Elemente31-36
G. GarskeDuality of linear operators in locally convex spaces37-44
R. SatoOn local ergodic theorems for positive semigroups45-55
B. Muckenhoupt
R. Wheeden
On the dual of weighted H1 ot the half-space57-79
M. MüllerLp-approximation by the method of integral Meyer-König and Zeller operators81-88
I. ZirmanSome characterizations of the n-dimensional Peano derivate89-110
V. MeshlovSmoothness properties in Banach spaces111-123
J. RyllInterpolationg bases for spaces of differentiable functions125-144
H. KuoThe chain rule for differentiable measures145-155
S. KaisjerSome results in the metric theory of tensor products157-170
W. SzatzschneiderA version of the Harris-Spitzer "random constant velocity" modelfor infinite systems of particles171-187
H. Brown
F. Cass
I. Robinson
On isomorphisms between certain subalgebras of B(X)189-197
G. TaylorA topological version of some ergodic theorems199-205
D. LewisFinite dimensional subspaces of Lp207-212
M. CambernA Holsztyński theorem for spaces of continuous vector-valued functions213-217
C. KimRestructed and unrestricted convergence of apporximate identities in product spaces219-228
R. Jajte
A. Paszkiewicz
Vector measures on the closed subspaces of a Hilbert space229-251
I. RaebumOn Toeplitz operators associated with strongly pseudoconvex domains253-258
P. MankiewiczA remark on Edgar's extremal integral representation theorem259-265
E. Dubinsky
W. Robinson
Quotient spaces of (s) with basis267-281
K. UrbanikLévy's probability measures on Banach spaces283-308

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