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Studia Mathematica

Tom 64

Warszawa-Wrocław 1979

Spis treści

G. Gaudey
I. Inglis
Weak-strong convolution operators on certain disconnected groups1-12
P. MankiewiczFat equicontinuous groups of homeomorphisms of linear topological spaces and their application to the problem of isometries in linear metric spaces13-23
J. AlonsoOn the inversion of pseudo-differential operators25-32
J. FournierExtensions of a Fourier multiplier theorem of Paley, II33-63
N. Peck
N. Kalton
Quotients of Lp(0,1) for 0≤ p<165-75
Y. SemenovOn the problem of convergence of a bounded-below sequence of symmetric forms for the Schrödinger operators77-85
T. ByczkowskiNorm convergent expansion for LΦ-valued Gaussian random elements87-95
L. DrewnowskiF-spaces with a basis which is which is shrinking but not hypershriking97-104
P. WojtaszczykOn weakly compact operators from some uniform algebras105-116
F. DelbaenThe Pełczyński property for some uniform algebras117-125
W. Kirk
W. Ray
Fixed-point theorems for mapping defined on unbounded sets in Banach spaces127-138
J. SternLe groupe des isométries d'un espace de Banach139-149
K. MusiałThe weak Radon-Nikodym property in Banach spaces151-174
A. TorchinskyThe K-functional for rearrangement invariant spaces175-190
J. PeetreTwo observations on a theorem by Coifman191-194
C. ChanningRepresentation of random linear functionals on certain S{Mp} spaces195-212
M. Taibleson
J. Chao
Generalized conjugate systems on local fields213-225
J. CyganHeat kernels for class 2 nilpotent groups227-238
H. FakhouryQuelques propriétés de l'espace des opérateurs compacts239-247
W. ŻelazkoAn axiomatic approach to joint spectra I249-261
E. AlbrechtOn joint spectra263-271
B. JonesA note on Hölder's inequality273-278
R. PolA function space C(X) which is weakly Lindelöf but not weakly compactly generated279-285

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