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Studia Mathematica

Tom 65

Warszawa-Wrocław 1979

Spis treści

C. FongOn M-hyponormal operators1-5
J. Johnson
J. Wolfe
Norm attaining operators7-19
A. PokrzywaMethod of orthogonal projections and approximation of the spectrum of a bounded operator21-29
J. Ash
C. Fefferman
R. Jones
P. Ash
Singular integral operators with complex homogeneity31-50
R. KaufmanOn the sum of two Brownian paths51-54
C. Segovia
R. Macias
Singular integrals on generalized Lipschitz and Hardy spaces55-75
A. Zygmund
A. Calderón
A note on singular integrals77-87
R. Kirk
J. Crenshaw
Group valued α-additive set functions89-101
T. DobrowolskiSmooth and R-analytic negligibility of subsets and extension of homeomorphisms in Banach spaces103-114
A. IwanikExtreme operators on AL.-spaces115-139
H. KönigA formula for the eigenvalues of a compact operator141-146
P. WojtaszczykOn projections in spaces of bounded analytic functions with applications147-173
D. FernandezInterpolation of 2n Banach spaces175-201
P. Enflo
T. Starbird
Subspaces of L1 containing L1203-225
G. Sampson
W. Jurkat
The Lp mapping problem for well-behaved convolutions227-238
W. LuskyA note on rotation in separable Banach spaces239-242
W. Trebels
G. Ggasper
A characterization of localized Bessel potential spaces and applications to Jacobi and Henkel multipliers243-278
V. PtákFactorization in Banach algebras279-285
A. AndrewPerturbations of Schauder bases in the spaces C(K) and Lp, p>1287-298
M. Ramanujan
T. Terzioglu
Subspaces of smooth sequence spaces299-312
A. CalderónOn a singular integral313-335

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