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Studia Mathematica

Tom 69

Warszawa-Wrocław 1981

Spis treści

R. MoynihanConjugate transforms and limit theorems for τT semigroups1-18
K. Andersen
R. John
Weigted inequalities for vector-valued maximal functions and singular integrals19-31
E. Behrends
U. Schmidt-Bichler
M-structure and the Banach-Stone theorem33-40
C. Goffman
D. Waterman
The localization principle for double Fourier series41-57
J. BrunaOn inverse-closed algebras of infinitely differentiable functions59-68
J. KwiatkowskiInvariant measures on the shift space69-78
T. Terzioglu
A. Aytuna
On certain subspaces of a nuclear power series spaces of finite type79-86
Y. KobayashiAn extension theorem of functionals on commutative semigroups87-90
R. EvansResolving Banach spaces91-107
S. ChangA generalized area integral estimate and applications109-121
O. ReynovOn some Banach ideals of operators123-131
S. Saeki
L. Pigno
Constructions of singular measures with remarkable convolution properties133-141
B. CarlInequalities between absolutely (p,q)-summing norms143-148
C. Fefferman
M. Cwikel
Maximal seminorms on weak*L1149-154
N. Fava
E. Gatto
C. Gutiérrez
On the strong maximal function and Zygmund's class L(log+L)n155-158
T. ByczkowskiZero-one laws for Gaussian measures on metric abelian gropus159-189
F. Lust-PiquardÉléments ergodiques et totalement ergodiques dans L∞(Γ)191-225
W. Jurkat
J. Troutman
A mean value inequality for positive integral transformations with application to a maximal theorem227-233
A. Weron
J. Górniak
Aronszajn-Kolmogorov type theorems for positive definite kernels in locally convex spaces235-246
N. KaltonConvexity, type and three space problem247-287
J. Chen
I. Hwang
On the representation of measurable functions by multiple trigonometrie series289-302

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