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Studia Mathematica

Tom 70

Warszawa-Wrocław 1981

Spis treści

A. PokrzywaMethod of orthogonal projections and approximation of the spectrum of a bounded operator II1-9
L. VašákOn one generalization of weakly compactly generated Banach spaces11-19
M. AlpseymenBasic sequences in stable infinite type power series spaces21-26
D. AlspachC(K) norming subsets of C[0,1]27-61
D. Vogt
M. Wagner
Charakterisierung der Unterraüme und Quotienteräume der nuklearen stabilen Potenzreihenraüme von unendlichem Typ63-80
G. BrownSpectral extension and power independence in measure algebras81-99
H. DalesEventual continuity in Banach algeras of differentiable functions101-109
G. SampsonA note on weak estimates for oscillating kernels111-127
H. Toruńczyk
K. John
V. Zizler
Uniformly smooth partitions of unity on superreflexive Banach spaces129-137
R. Jajte
R. Loebl
Gleason measures and some inner products on the algebra of bounded operators on a Hilbert space139-145
P. GłowackiOn functions with scattered spectra on lea groups147-152
S. McGrathSome ergodic theorems for commuting L1 contractions153-160
I. InglisAddendum to the paper "Weak-strong convolution operators on certain disconnected groups"161-163
M. BożejkoA new group algebra and lacunary sets in discrete noncommutative groups165-175
D. AllingerCharacterization of (p,q,r)-absolutely summing operators on Hilbert space177-181
Y. HasegawaLp-integrability (1≤p≤∞) of a class of integral transforms183-195
J. BoosÜber die μ-Stetigkeit von Matrizen197-202
E. BehrendsOperators which respect norm intervals203-220
D. OberlinAn approximation problem in Lp ([0,2π]), 2221-224
M. Chō
M. Takaguchi
Identity of Taylor's joint spectrum and Dash's joint spectrum225-229
U. HaagerupThe best constants in the Khintchine inequality231-283
. Contents of volumes LXI-LXX285-307

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