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Studia Mathematica

Tom 71

Warszawa-Wrocław 1981

Spis treści

A. SnyderConsistency theory in semiconservative spaces1-13
K. Andersen
R. Kerman
Weighted norm inequalities for generalized Hankel conjutate transformations15-26
J. PartingtonAlmost sure summability of subsequences in Banach spaces27-35
T. LeżańskiSur les équations du type Ψ(x,h)=0(II)37-68
L. MaligrandaA generalization of the Shimogaki theorem69-83
E. DubinskyNuclear Fréchet spaces without the bounded approximation property85-105
F. Zo
E. Marchi
A generalization of the Yosida-Kakutani ergodic theorem107-111
O. ReynovOn a class of Hansdorff compact and GSG Banach spaces113-126
H. Reiffen
H. Trapp
Ein Beitrag zur Lipschitz-Saturation im unendlichdimensionalen Fall127-144
F. SchmidtPositive operatorwertige Maβe und banachraumwertige stationäre Prozesse auf LCA-Gruppen145-162
Z. ChanturiaOn unconditional polynomial bases of the space Lp163-168
V. KashirinIsomorphic embeddings of some generalized power series spaces169-178
W. ŻelazkoOn domination and separation of ideals in commutative Banach algebras179-189
J. HolubOn bases and the shift operator191-202
R. ArocenaA refinement of the Helson-Szegö theorem and the determination of the extremal measures203-221
. Stanisław Mazur (1 January 1905 - 5 November 1981) biographic note and the list of his mathematical publication223-226
K. KazarianOn bases and unconditional bases in the spaces Lp(dμ),1≤p<∞227-249
D. VogtCharakterisierung der Unterraüme eines nuklearen stabilen Potenzreihenraumes von endlichen Typ251-270
D. PoguntkeDiscrete nilpotent groups have a T1 primitive ideal space271-275
A. Torchinsky
R. Kerman
Integral inequalities with weights for the Hardy maximal function277-284
P. SjögrenOn the convergence of bilinear and quadratic forms in independent random variables285-296
D. Fremlin
D. Aldous
Colacunary sequences in L-spaces297-304
D. BékolléInégalités à poids pour le projecteur de Bergman dans la boule unité de Cn305-323

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