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Studia Mathematica

Tom 72

Warszawa-Wrocław 1982

Spis treści

C. Giel
C. Cleaver
Packing spheres in Cp spaces1-8
B. Muckenhoupt
K. Andersen
Weighted weak type Hardy inequalities with applications to Hilbert transforms and maximal functions9-26
P. Morales
J. Belley
A generalization of Wienner's criteria for the continuity of a Borel measure27-36
J. FickettApproximate isometries on bounded sets with an application to measure theory37-46
C. MuellerA characterization of BMO and BMOe47-57
J. KwiatkowskiIsomorphism of regular Morse dynamical systems59-89
D. Kutzarova
S. Troyanski
Reflexive Banach spaces without equivalent norms which are uniformly convex or uniformly differentiable in every direction91-95
P. LegišaW*-algebras on Banach spaces97-107
C. SchüttOn the Banach-Mazur distance of finite-dimensional symmetric Banach spaces and the hypergeometric distribution109-129
J. MélaMesures ε-idempotentes de norme bornée131-149
J. Ollagnier
D. Pinchon
The variational principle151-159
M. GatesoupeProblèmes de complémentation de sons-algèbre dans l'algèbre des séries de Fourier en deux variables absolument convergentes161-171
B. MeleroA negative result in differentiation theory173-182
N. KhueOn the cohomology of sheaves φєL183-197
J. Cohen
J. Gosselin
On multilinear singular integrals on Rn199-223
J. Quinn
T. Hoover
A. Lambert
The Markov process determined by a weighted compositon operator225-236
J. GustavssonOn interpolation of weighted Lp-spaces and Ovchinnikov's theorem237-251
T. YoshimotoPointwiese ergodic theorems and function classes Mαp253-271
D. Russell
A. Jakimowski
Representation of continuous linear functionals on a subspace of a countable Cartesien product of Banach spaces273-284
J. BourgainA remark on finite-dimensional Pλ-spaces285-289
P. GłowackiA calculus of symbols and convolution semigroups on the Heisenberg group291-321

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