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Banach Center Publications

Tom 1

Warszawa 1976

Spis treści

C. OlechPreface5-5
H. Banks
A. Manitius
Projection methods for retarded functional differential equations15-15
H. BeckertOn the control of stability in nonlinear mechanics23-23
L. BittnerNecessary optimality conditions for a model of opitmal control processes25-32
V. BlagodatskihTime optimal control problem for differential inclusions33-38
P. BrunovskýLocal controllability of odd systems39-45
P. CharrierDégénérescence des systèmes discrets et application à un problème de commande47-54
G. ChaventEstimation of functions of a dependent variable55-64
M. DavisA note on the Poisson disorder problem65-72
J. DoležalOpen-loop and closed-loop equlibrium solutions for multistage games73-81
Р. ГамкрелидзеОб одном интегральном уравненни из теории игр83-88
G. GoodmanThe duality of convex functions and Cesari's property Q89-97
A. HalanayMinimal-time delay feedback99-102
H. HermesOn local controllability103-106
M. Jacobs
C. Langenhop
Controllable two dimensional neutral systems107-113
G. Joly
J. Kernevez
Identification of kinetic parameters in a biochemical system115-123
R. KlötzlerOn the existence of opitmal pracesses125-130
R. KlugeApproximation methods for nonlinear problems with constraints in form of variational inequalities131-138
C. LobryDeux remarques sur la commande Bang Bang des systèmes semi linéaires139-145
S. ŁojasiewiczUniqueness conditions for optimal time solutions in nonlinear control systems147-150
C. UrsescuTangent sets and differentiable functions151-155
A. Wierzbicki
S. Kurcyusz
Projection on a cone and generalized penalty functionals for problems with constraints in Hilbert space157-162
L. WolfersdorfOn the maximum principle for optimal control processes described by Hammerstein integral equeations with weakly singular kernels163-166

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