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Banach Center Publications

Tom 38

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

F. Szafraniec
J. Janas
J. Zemánek
Preface, Content1-7
G. AllanPower-bounded elements and radical Banach algebras9-16
R. ArocenaUnitary extensions of isometries, generalized interpolation and band extensions17-23
A. Böttcher
H. Wolf
Spectral approximation for Segal–Bargmann space Toeplitz operators25-48
M. Brešar
P. Šemrl
Linear preservers on ℬ(X)49-58
J. van CasterenBoundedness properties of resolvents and semigroups of operators59-74
R. CurtoAn operator-theoretic approach to truncated moment problems75-104
T. GillespieSpectral decompositions in Banach spaces and the Hilbert transform105-118
F. HiaiLog-majorizations and norm inequalities for exponential operators119-181
P. KosowskiA simple proof of the spectral continuity of the Sturm–Liouville problem183-186
T. LaffeyA sparsity result on nonnegative real matrices with given spectrum187-191
R. deLaubenfelsSpectral projections, semigroups of operators, and the Laplace transform193-204
G. LumerSingular evolution problems, regularization, and applications to physics, engineering, and biology205-216
Y. LyubichThe boundary spectrum of linear operators in finite-dimensional spaces217-226
B. MagajnaHilbert modules and tensor products of operator spaces227-246
O. NevanlinnaOn the growth of the resolvent operators for power bounded operators247-264
M. PutinarGeneralized eigenfunction expansions and spectral decompositions265-286
H. RadjaviInvariant subspaces and spectral conditions on operator semigroups287-296
H. RönnefarthOn the differences of the consecutive powers of Banach algebra elements297-314
K. RudolSubnormal operators of Hardy type315-324
N. SauerEmpathy theory and the Laplace transform325-338
J. Strikwerda
B. Wade
A survey of the Kreiss matrix theorem for powerbounded families of matrices and its extensions339-360
K. StroethoffThe Berezin transform and operators on spaces of analytic functions361-380
A. ŚwięchA note on the differences of the consecutive powers of operators381-383
H. UpmeierToeplitz–Berezin quantization and non-commutative differential geometry385-400
V. Quôc PhóngAlmost periodic and strongly stable semigroups of operators401-426
J. Zemánek
A. Zalewska-Mitura
The Gerschgorin discs under unitary similarity427-441
R. ZuidwijkComplementary triangular forms443-452
. Index453-457

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