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Banach Center Publications

Tom 4

Warszawa 1979

Spis treści

G. AlbinusApproximation in metric linear spaces7-18
V. AreatovInequalities for fractional derivatives on the half-line19-34
V. BerdyshevOn the uniform continuity of metric projection35-41
B. BjörnestålLocal Lipschitz continuity of the metic projection operator43-53
Z. CiesielskiEquivalence, unconditionality and convergence a.e. of the spline bases in Lp spaces55-68
B. Dreseler
W. Schempp
Approximation of double coset spaces69-81
B. Dreseler
W. Schempp
On some applications of Bochner-Schoenberg-Eberlein type theorems83-91
H. KiesewetterZur Konstruktion von besten linearen Approximationen in normierten Räumen93-126
Н. КорнейчукТеоремы двойтвенности и экстремальные задачи наилучшего приближения127-141
L. LeindlerOn the strong summability and approximation of Fourier series143-157
M. MarsdenOperator norm bounds and error bounds for quadratic spline interpolation159-175
K. OskolkowThe upper bound of the norms of orthogonal projections onto subspaces of polygonal177-183
K. OskolkowQuantiative estimates of N.N. Luzin's C-property for classes of integrable functions185-196
S. RopelaProperties of bounded orthonormal spline bases197-205
F. SchippOn a generalization of the martingale maximal theorem207-212
L. SchumakerLower bounds for spline approximation213-223
H. ShapiroComparative approximation in two topologies225-232
H. ShapiroA counterexample in harmonic analysis233-236
I. SingerOn Banach spaces in which every M-basis is a generalized summation basis237-240
P. SjölinA relation between Fourier transforms in one and two variables241-245
R. TaberskiIndirect approximation theorems in Lp-metrics (1< p <∞)247-259
G. TkebuchavaOn unconditional convergence of Haar series261-272
В. ТихомировТеория экстремальных задач и теория приближений273-286
H. TriebelA multiplier in Besov spaces which is not a multiplier in Lebesque spaces287-291
R. WheedenOn the dual of weighted H¹(IzI<1)293-303
Z. WroniczOn the application of the orthonormal Fransklin system to the approximation of analytic functions305-316

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