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Banach Center Publications

Tom 8

Warszawa 1982

Spis treści

W. ŻelazkoPreface5-5
E. AlbrechtSeveral variable spectral theory in the noncommutative case9-30
B. AupetitSome uses of subharmonicity in functional analysis31-37
H. BaumgärtelA decoupling approach to resonances for multipraticle quantum scattering sysems39-43
H. BehnckeSummary of three lectures (Functions acting on weighted Ip-algebras, Local completeness in operator algebras, Stability of deficiency indices)45-48
M. BurnatThe spectral properties of the Schrödinger operator in nonseparable Hilbert spaces49-56
M. BurnatThe spectral cutting problem57-62
M. Choi
C. Davis
Dilations to systems of matrix units63-75
I. Ciorǎnescu
L. Zsidó
ω-ultradistributions and their application to operator theory77-220
D. ClarkSz. Nagy-Foias theory and similarity for a class of Toeplitz operators221-229
H. DalesEmbedding C(X) in an algebra of analytic functions231-236
M. DemuthOn resonances in mathematical scattering theory237-240
Y. DomarOn the ideal structure of commutative Banach algebras241-249
J. EsterleDiscontinuous homomorphisms from C(K)251-262
S. FrunzǎSome results on duality for spectral decompositions263-279
S. FrunzǎGeneralized weights for operator Lie algebras281-287
K. GustafsonThe singular sequence problem289-294
T. IchinoseOn the spectral properties of tensor products of linear operators in Banach spaces295-300
P. JonasOn spectral distributions of definitizable operators in Krein space301-311
R. KühneFixed points of semigroups of positive operators in KB-spaces313-319
R. LeviNotes on the Taylor joint spectrum of commuting operators321-332
S. LeviThe structure of a class of Banach algebras generated by a Banach space333-335
Б. Логинов
Д. Рахимов
О методе ложных возмущений337-341
С. МирзоевКратная полнота части корневых векторов полиномиалъных операторных пучков343-346
W. MlakA note on general dilation theorems347-352
V. MüllerOn Jordan models of Co-contractions353-354
L. PageThe Szegö and Beurling theorems and operator factorizations355-360
A. PietschDistirbution of eigenvalues and nuclearity361-365
V. PtákSurvey of some results in spectral theory obtained in Prague367-371
V. PtákUniversal estimates of the spectral radius373-387
P. RosenthalOn the equations X=KXS and AX=XK389-391
P. RosenthalA perturbation of Lomonosov's theorem393-394
J. RovnyakSome questions in operator theory and applications in analysis395-396
W. Żelazko
Z. Słodkowski
A note on semicharacters397-402
M. SmythFredholm theory in Banach algebras403-414
S. Strǎtilǎ
D. Voiculescu
A survey on representations of the unitary group U(∞)415-434
I. Suchi
I. Valusescu
Linear predictor for stationary processes in complete correlated actions435-447
F. SzafraniecBoundedness in dilation theory449-453
S. TelemanOn the Choquet and Bishop-de Leeuw theorems455-465
T. TonevAlgebras of generalized analytic functions467-470
F. VasilescuA multi-dimensional spectral theory in C*-algebras471-491
E. VesentiniInvariant distances and invariant differential metrics in locally convex spaces493-511
L. WaelbroeckThe holomorphic functional calculus as an operational calculus513-552
L. WaelbroeckQuotient Banach spaces553-562
L. WaelbroeckQuotient Banach spaces; multilinear theory563-571
L. WaelbroeckThe Taylor spectrum and quotient Banach spaces573-578
J. ZemánekProperties of the spectral radius in Banach algebras579-595

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