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Banach Center Publications

Tom 9

Warszawa 1982

Spis treści

V. ArtamonovNonfree projectives in products of group varieties7-13
V. SaliiRegular elements in complete uniquely complemented lattices15-19
J. BahturinOn basic and axiomatic ranks of nilpotent varieties of Lie algebras21-30
K. SegerbergA completeness theorem in the modal logic of programs31-46
P. KöhlerBrouwerian semilattices: The lattice of total subalgebras47-56
A. LašhiProjections of mixed Lie rings57-66
I. Rival
B. Sands
How many four-generated simple lattices67-72
M. StemOn the theory of Baer lattices73-74
H. Andréka
I. Németi
Direct limite and filtered colimits are strongly equivalent in all categories75-88
M. FittingA generalization of elementary formal systems89-96
D. Dorninger
G. Eigenthaler
On compatible and order-preserving functions on lattices97-104
J. JakubikProjectable kernel of a lattice ordered group105-112
J. Ryšlinková
T. Sturm
Two closure operators which preserve m-compacticity113-119
M. RoczenThe concept of (v)-equivalence in algebraic deformation theory121-126
I. SainOn classes of algebraic systems closed with respect to quotients127-131
H. WernerSheaf constructions in universal algebra and model theory133-179
L. SkornjakovOn the wreath product of monoids181-185
J. BrowkinThe functor K2 for the ring of integers of a number field187-195
W. NöbauerLocal polynomial functions: Results and problems197-202
J. PłonkaOn bounding congruences in some algebras having the lattice structure203-207
S. BloomIterative and metric algebraic theories209-224
M. SekaninaOn system of subobject functors in the category of ordered sets225-232
J. KrempaHomomorphisms of group rings233-255
V. Trnková
J. Adámek
Analyses of languages accepted by varietor machines in category257-272
L. PolákWeak automorphisms of l-unary algebras273-275
D. SkordevAn algebraic treatment of flow diagrams and its application to generalized recursion theory277-287
L. IturriozModal operators on symmetrical Heyting algebras289-303
M. JanowitzApplications of the theory of partially ordered sets to cluster analysis305-319
K. RosenbaumInduzierte symplektische Moduln321-328
H. BandeltOn regularity classes of binary relations329-333
M. KolibiarIntervals, convex sublattices and subdirect representations of lattices335-339
S. ThomasonUndecidability of the completeness problem of modal logic341-345
H. HoehnkeHeterogeneous monoid automata and admissible bisystems347-368
J. VarletRegularity in p-algebras and p-semilattices369-378
D. DalenThe creative subject and Heyting's arithmetic379-382
K. Głazek
T. Katriňák
Weak homomorphisms of distributive p-algebras383-390
K. DeneckePräprimale Algebren, die arithmetische Varietäten erzeugen391-398
A. Wiweger
A. Obtułowicz
Categorical, functorial and algebraic aspects of the type-free lambda calculus399-422
K. IsékiSome problems of BCK-algebras and griss type algebras423-430
C. Rauszer
H. Ono
On an algebraic and Kripke semantics for intermediate logics431-438
K. MagillSome open problems and directions for further research in semigroups of continuous selfmaps439-454

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