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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 12

Warszawa-Wrocław 1966

Spis treści

. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XII (1967)
W. NarkiewiczOn natural numbers having unique factorization in a quadratic number field1-22
P. PleasantsThe representation of primes by cubic polynomials23-45
L. MordellThe representation of numbers by some quaternary quadratic forms47-54
J. HodgesUniform distribution of sequences in GF[q,x]55-75
L. Carlitz
C. Wells
The number of solutions of a special system of equations in a finite field77-84
P. Turán
S. Knapowski
Further developments in the comparative prime-number theory VI85-96
J. WójcikA refinement of a theorem of Schur on primes in arithmetic progressions II97-109
С. OsgoodA method in diophantine approximation111-129
P. PleasantsThe representation of primes by quadratic and cubic polynomials131-153
K. RamachandraOn the units of cyclotomic fields165-173
P. ErdösOn the difference of consecutive terms of sequences defined by divisibility properties175-182
H. Kesten
V. Sos
On two problems of Erdös Szüsz and Turan concerning diophantine approximations183-192
H. KestenOn a conjecture of Erdös and Szüsz related to uniform distribution mod 1193-212
K. Nageswara RaoSome applications of Carlitz's n-sum213-221
I. LutharA generalization of a theorem of Landau223-228
A. KruseEstimates of ...229-261
F. SchweigerExistenz eines invarianten Maßes beim Jacobischen Algorithmus263-268
W. NarkiewiczOn distribution of values of multiplicative functions in residue classes269-279
A. BakerOn Mahler's classification of transcendental numbers. II: Simultaneous Diophantine approximation281-288
С. MacCluerOn a conjecture of Davenport and Lewis concerning exceptional polynomials289-299
A. LongClassification of irreducible factorable polynomials over a finite field301-313
K. Mahler
G. Szekeres
On the approximation of real numbers by roots of integers315-320
R. AlexanderDensity and multiplicative structure of sets of integers321-332
В. ДемьяненкоО рациональных точках некоторых кривых высшего рода333-354
M. АртюховНекоторые критерии простоты чисел, связанные с малой теоремой Ферма355-364
P. ElliottOn certain additive functions365-384
D. Lehmer
E. Lehmer
The cyclotomy of Kloosterman sums385-407
Э. АванесовРешение одной проблемы фигурных чисел409-420
C. WellsThe number of solutions of a system of equations in a finite field421-424
A. SchinzelCorrigendum to the paper "On a theorem of Bauer and some of its applications" (Acta Arithmetica 11 (1966), pp. 333-344)425-425

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