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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 15

Warszawa-Wrocław 1968

Spis treści

F. SchweigerMetrische Theorie einer Klasse zahlentheoretischer Transformationen1-18
W. NarkiewiczA note on factorizations in quadratic fields19-22
G. Pall
H. Butts
Modules and binary quadratic forms23-44
С. MacCluerA reduction of the Cebotarev density theorem to the cyclic case45-47
A. SchinzelOn primitive prime factors of Lehmer numbers III49-70
L. HoutenA note on solid partitions71-76
J. HardyA note on the representability of binary quadratic forms with Gaussian integer coefficients as sums of squares of two linear forms77-84
P. Erdös
E. Szemerédi
On a problem of P. Erdos and S. Stein85-90
M. FriedArithmetical properties of value sets of polynomials91-115
I. SlavutskyThe simplest proof of Vandiver's theorem117-118
R. MiechA number-theoretic constant119-137
T. StorerOn the arithmetic structure of Galois Domains139-159
K. NortonUpper bounds for k-th coset representatives modulo n161-179
M. Newman
J. Lehner
Sums involving Farey fractions181-187
M. Mendès FranceNombres transcendants et ensembles normaux189-192
J. WójcikA refinement of a theorem of Schur on primes in arithmetic progressions III193-197
W. SchmidtA problem of Schinzel on lattice points199-203
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XV (1969)204-204
L. GoldsteinA necessary and sufficient condition for the Riemann hypothesis for zeta functions attached to eigenfunctions of the Hecke operators205-215
M. BhaskaranSums of the p-th powers in a P-adic ring217-219
L. SchoenfeldAn improved estimate for the summatory function of the Möbius function221-233
T. NagellSur les diviseurs premiers des polynômes235-244
A. SchinzelRemarque sur le travail précédent de T. Nagell245-246
L. CarlitzGauss sums over finite fields of order 2^n247-265
L. CarlitzA theorem on sets of polynomials over a finite field267-268
L. MordellThe diophantine equation dy^2 = ax^4 + bx^2 + c269-272
T. ŠalátOn ratio sets of natural numbers273-278
J. CoatesAn effective p-adic analogue of a theorem of Thue279-305
H. StarkL-functions and character sums for quadratic forms (II)307-317
V. BastonExtreme copositive quadratic forms319-327
M. PetersTernäre und quaternäre quadratische Formen und Quaternionenalgebren329-365
M. HuxleyOn the differences of primes in arithmetical progressions367-392
H. Davenport
W. Schmidt
Approximation to real numbers by algebraic integers393-416

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