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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 17

Warszawa 1970

Spis treści

G. GreavesOn the divisor-sum problem for binary cubic forms1-28
H. YapStructure of maximal sum-free sets in C_p29-35
J. JolySommes de puissances d-ièmes dans un anneau commutatif37-114
M. Mendès France
F. Dress
Caractérisation des ensembles normaux dans Z115-120
I. GerstOn the theory of nth power residues and a conjecture of Kronecker121-139
P. ElliottThe distribution of power residues and certain related results141-159
A. SchinzelA refinement of a theorem of Gerst on power residues161-168
R. HallOn the probability that n and f(n) are relatively prime169-183
J. Muskat
A. Whiteman
The cyclotomic numbers of order twenty185-216
P. BlanksbyA metric inequality associated with valuated fields217-225
E. SzemerédiOn a conjecture of Erdös and Heilbronn227-229
S. StepanovElementary method in the theory of congruences for a prime modulus231-247
Y. MotohashiOn the sum of the number of divisors in a short segment249-253
S. CohenThe distribution of polynomials over finite fields255-271
M. Mendès France
J. Lesca
Ensembles normaux273-282
Y. MotohashiA note on the least prime in an arithmetic progression with a prime différence283-285
R. DamerellL-functions of elliptic curves with complex multiplication, I287-301
A. JonesCyclic overlattices, I303-314
B. Levin
N. Feldman
A. Šidlovski
Alexander O. Gelfond315-336
B. Kvarda GarrisonWeak forms of Mann's density theorem extended to sets of lattice points337-343
D. Suryanarayana
V. Siva Rama Prasad
The number of k-free divisors of an integer345-354
D. Roselle
R. Stanton
Some properties of Davenport-Schinzel sequences355-362
H. DavenportA combinatorial problem connected with differential equations II363-372
B. Kvarda GarrisonDensity inequalities for a restricted sum of sets of lattice points373-377
W. LjunggrenOn the representation of integers by certain binary cubic and biquadratic forms379-387
C. WagnerInterpolation series for continuous functions on π-adic completions of GF(q, x)389-406
J. ProschanOn the changes of sign of a certain class of error functions407-430
R. StonehamErrata to the paper "A general arithmetic construction of transcendental non-Liouville normal numbers from rational fractions"431-431

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