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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 18

Warszawa 1971

Spis treści

L. MordellHarold Davenport (1907-1969)1-4
L. MordellSome aspects of Davenport's work5-11
C. RogersA brief survey of the work of Harold Davenport13-17
. Papers by Harold Davenport19-27
G. WatsonThe least common denominator of the coefficients of a perfect quadratie form29-36
J. CasselsSome elliptic function identities37-51
P. Erdös
P. Turán
On some general problems in the theory of partitions, I53-62
K. MahlerOn the order function of a transcendental number63-76
P. GallagherA larger sieve77-81
J. LittlewoodThe quickest proof of the prime number theorem83-86
M. EichlerOn the graded rings of modular forms87-92
A. JonesCyclic overlattiees, II (Diophantine approximation and sums of roots of unity)93-103
T. NagellSur la solubilité en nombres entiers dos équations du second degré à deux indéterminées105-114
A. OpponheimRepresentations of real numbers by series of reciprocals of odd integers115-124
H. CohnRepresentation of Markoff's binary quadratic forms by geodesies on a perforated torus125-136
A. Schinzel
A. Baker
On the least integers represented by the genera of binary quadratic forms137-144
R. RankinSubgroups of the modular group generated by parabolic elements of constant amplitude145-151
E. FogelsOn the zeros of a class of L-functions153-164
W. SchmidtDiophantine approximation and certain sequences of lattices165-178
J. PitmanBounds for solutions of diagonal inequalities179-190
J. Chalk
R. Smith
On Bombieri's estimate for exponential sums191-212
L. FewThe multiplicity of partial coverings of space213-219
L. CarlitzEnumeration of certain sequences221-232
E. HlawkaZur Definition der Diskrepanz233-241
H. Richert
H. Halberstam
Mean value theorems for a class of arithmetic functions243-256
R. RadoA theorem on chains of finite sets, II257-262
D. BurgessThe average of the least primitive root modulo p^2263-271
S. ChowlaSome results and problems in number theory273-274
H. HasseOn a question of S. Chowla275-279
M. HuxleyThe distribution of Farey points, I281-288
P. PleasantsForms over p-adic fields289-296
H. CoxeterFrieze patterns297-310
H. StarkA problem in comparative prime number theory311-320
R. Bambah
A. Woods
The thinnest double lattice covering of three-spheres321-336
J. ArmitageEuclid's algorithm in algebraic function fields, II337-348
G. SzekeresCyclotomy and complementary difference sets349-353
P. Blanksby
H. Montgomery
Algebraic integers near the unit circle355-369
H. Swinnerton-DyerOn the product of three homogeneous linear forms371-385
M. Hall Jr.The Markoff spectrum387-399
E. BombieriA note on the large sieve401-404
P. ElliottSome remarks concerning the Large Sieve type405-422
B. Segre
U. Bartocci
Ovali ed altre curvenei piani di Galois di earatteristica due423-449
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XVIII (1971)450-450

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