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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 21

Warszawa 1972

Spis treści

K. KuratowskiWacław Sierpiński (1882-1969)1-5
A. SchinzelWacław Sierpinski's papers on the theory of numbers7-13
. Publications of Wacław Sierpiński in the theory of numbers15-23
E. GrosswaldComments on some formulae of Ramanujan25-34
T. NagellSur la résolubilité de l'équation x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 0 dans un corps quadratique35-43
W. SchmidtIrregularities of distribution, VII45-50
L. MordellAn application of Minkowski's theorem in the geometry of numbers51-53
E. TrostOn a diophantine equation55-57
C. SiegelAlgebraische Abhängigkeit von Wurzeln59-64
L. MordellOn some exponential sums related to Kloosterman sums65-69
D. Shanks
P. Weinberger
A quadratic field of prime discriminant requiring three generators for its class group, and related theory71-87
K. MahlerOn the coefficients of the 2^n-th transformation polynomial for j(ω)89-97
K. IwasawaOn the µ-invariants of cyclotomic fields99-101
Г. Перельмутер
А. Постников
О числе решений одного сравнения103-110
P. Erdös
R. Eggleton
Two combinatorial problems in group theory111-116
A. BakerA sharpening of the bounds for linear forms in logarithms117-129
D. Hayes
L. Carlitz
Permutations with coefficients in a subfield131-135
E. FogelsA mean value theorem of Bombieri's type137-151
A. Schinzel
M. Fried
Reducibility of quadrinomials153-171
J. BrillhartSome modular results on the Euler and Bernoulli polynomials173-181
W. LjunggrenNew theorems concerning the diophantine equation x^2 + D =4y^q183-191
S. Knapowski
P. Turán
Further developments in the comparativeprime number theory, VII193-201
H. IwaniecPrimes of the type φ(x, y)+A where φ is a quadratic form203-234
Л. ПостниковаКоличественная форма задачи Бореля235-250
A. RotkiewiczOn some problems of W. Sierpiński251-259
H. Butts
G. Pall
Ideals not prime to the conductor in quadratic orders261-270
E. StrausDifferential rings of meromorphic functions271-284
H. DelangeSur les fonctions q-additives ou q-multiplicatives285-298
K. InkeriOn the diophantine equation α(x^n - 1)/(x - 1) = y^m299-311
W. NarkiewiczNumbers with unique factorization in an algebraic number field313-322
H. ReichardtÜber die Idealklassengruppe des Dirichletschen biquadratischen Zahlenkörpers323-327
P. BatemanThe distribution of values of the Euler function329-345
Н. ФельдманОб одной линейной форме347-355
А. КоробовО полных системах сравнений357-366
E. LehmerOn some special quartic reciprocity laws367-377
D. LehmerOn reciprocally weighted partitions379-388
A. MąkowskiSome diophantine equations solvable by identities389-390
A. OppenheimThe representation of real numbers by infinite series of rationals391-398
P. Erdös
R. Graham
On a linear diophantine problem of Frobenius399-408
B. Bredihin
Y. Linnik
Remarks on some new applications of the dispersion method409-410
S. UchiyamaA remark on a previous paper by Bredihin and Linnik411-412
Y. LinnikAdditive problems involving squares, cubes and almost primes413-422
K. RamanathanOn the analytic theory of quadratic forms423-436
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XXI (1972)437-437

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