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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 25

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

R. CookSimultaneous quadratic equations II1-5
Г. КолесникОб оценке некоторых тригонометрических сумм7-30
J. FriedlanderOn characters and polynomials31-37
G. Jogesh BabuSome results on the distribution of additive arithmetic functions III39-49
M. ParnesOn the measure of measurable sets of integers51-54
R. IrvingAn extension of Schur's theorem on sum-free partitions55-64
A. LongFactorization of irreducible polynomials over a finite field with the substitution x^(q^r) -x for x65-80
R. WallisserÜber die arithmetische Natur der Werte der Lösungen einer Funktionalgleichung von H. Poincaré81-92
E. KovalevskajaMetric theorems on the approximation of zero by a linear combination of polynomials with integral coefficients93-104
P. Turán
S. Dancs
Investigations in the powersum theory II105-113
J. HsiaOn the representation of cyclotomic polynomials as sums of squares115-120
M. FriedOn a theorem of MacCluer121-125
В. ДемьяненкоО гипотезе Л. Эйлера127-135
W. McDanielPerfect Gaussian integers137-144
J. BoveyΓ*(8)145-150
I. RuzsaOn difference-sequences151-157
J. Galambos
J. De Koninek
Sums of reciprocals of additive functions159-164
C. OsgoodOn the simultaneous diophantine approximation of values of certain hypergeometric and algebraic functions165-190
H. MeijerOn the upper asymptotic density of (0, r)-primitive sequences191-197
B. Novák
B. Diviš
On the lattice point theory of multidimensional ellipsoids199-212
E. SzemerédiOn a problem of Davenport and Schinzel213-224
M. FriedArithmetical properties of function fields (II). The generalized Schur problem225-258
P. ElliottOn the limiting distribution of f(p + 1) for non-negative additive functions259-264
C. PomeranceOdd perfect numbers are divisible by at least seven distinct primes265-300
А. СоколовскийО „большом решете"301-306
Я. МозерОб одном новом следствии из гипотезы Римана307-311
K. SzymiczekNote on a paper by T. Nagell313-314
J. BeardThe number of matrix fields over GF(q)315-329
J. BeardA rational canonical form for matrix fields331-335
R. CookSimultaneous quadratic inequalities337-346
R. HallHalving an estimate obtained from Selberg's upper bound method347-351
E. Straus
M. Schacher
Some applications of a non-Archimedean analogue of Descartes' rule of signs353-357
J. GalambosAn iterated logarithm type theorem for the largest coefficient in continued fractions359-364
T. ShoreyOn gaps between numbers with a large prime factor. II365-373
D. Hensley
I. Richards
Primes in intervals375-391
J. DeshouillersUn probleme binaire en theorie additive393-403
V. SprindžukThe distribution of the fundamental units of real quadratic fields405-409
V. Sprindžuk"Almost every" algebraic number-field has a large class-number411-413

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