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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 26

Warszawa 1974

Spis treści

. Marceli Stark (September 16, 1908 - May 4, 1974)
P. Leonard
K. Williams
Forms representable by integral binary quadratic forms1-9
P. ElliottA conjecture of Kátai11-20
R. GoldExamples of Iwasawa invariants21-32
Я. МозерНекоторые свойства дзета-функции Римана на критической прямой33-39
R. HallThe divisors of integers I41-46
T. TonkovOn the average length of finite continued fractions47-57
M. WunderlichA probabilistic setting for prime number theory59-81
R. StonehamSome further results concerning (j,ε ) -normality in the rationals83-96
P. SzüszRemark to a theorem of P. Erdös97-100
M. BhaskaranSome remarks on the decomposition of a rational prime in a Galois extension101-104
C. QueenArithmetic euclidean rings105-113
D. BarskyErratum à l'article „Sur les systèmes complets de restes modulo les idéaux d'un corps de nombres"115-116
T. CusickFormulas for some Diophantine approximation constants, II117-128
H. CohenMultiplication par un entier d'une fraction continue périodique129-148
S. ChoiNote on sequences well-spaced and well-distributed among congruence classes149-151
K. HaberlandÜber die Anzahl der Erweiterungen eines algebraischen Zahlkörpers mit einer gegebenen abelschen Gruppe als Galoisgruppe153-158
J. LoxtonOn two problems of E. M. Robinson about sums of roots of unity159-174
P. Erdös
R. Hall
Some distribution problems concerning the divisors of integers175-188
Э. АванесовОб одном классе бинарных биквадратичиых форм189-195
R. FranklinThe transcendence of linear forms in ω1, ω2, η1, η2, 2πi, logγ197-206
K. IndlekoferScharfe untere Abschätzung für die Anzahlfunktion der B-Zwillinge207-212
G. CohenBoundary conditions for expanding domains213-216
F. SchweigerMetrische Ergebnisse über den Kotangensalgorithmus217-222
Š. PorubskýCovering systems and generating functions223-231
R. GoldExamples of Iwasawa invariants, II233-240
W. PhilippLimit theorems for lacunary series and uniform distribution mod 1241-251
Y. HellegouarchPoints d'ordre 2p^h sur les courbes elliptiques253-263
C. PomeranceOn the congruences σ(n) ≡ a (modn) and n ≡a (modφ (n))265-272
H. RieselAn "exact" formula for the 2n-th Bernoulli number273-277
Š. ZnámOn properties of systems of arithmetic sequences279-283
Y. Dupain
A. Thomas
Sous-suites équiréparties d'une suite donnée285-292
K. Wiertelak
W. Staś
On some estimates in the theory of ξ (8, χ) - functions293-301
H. SiebertOn a question of P. Turán303-305
M. KneserLineare Abhängigkeit von Wurzeln307-308
G. WatsonOne-class genera of positive quadratic forms in at least five variahles309-327
A. SchinzelAddendum to the paper "On the product of the conjugates outside the unit circle of an algebraic number"329-331
B. Levin
N. Timofeev
On the distribution of values of additive functions333-364
P. Leonard
K. Williams
The cyclotomic numbers of order eleven365-383
G. CohenSelberg Formulae for Gaussian integers385-400
G. Jogesh BabuAbsolutely continuous distribution functions of additive functions f(p) = (logp)^(-a), a>0401-403
M. JutilaOn mean values of L-functions and short character sums with real characters405-410
L. RichmondThe moments of partitions, I411-425
C. StewartThe greatest prime factor of a^n - b^n427-433
M. HuxleyLarge values of Dirichlet polynomials, III435-444

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